This year marks the 5th Annual San Jose Police Officer’s Association’s Blue Christmas Toy Drive! Serving the community is an essential tenet of our profession and that service can be demonstrated in many different ways. This Police Department has always stepped up to help community members in great need, especially when children are involved. There are so many children who wouldn’t receive a gift during the holiday season if it wasn’t for the generosity of all of you.
Our last Blue Christmas resulted in the collection and distribution of over 600 toys to truly deserving children. The level of donations from you and your families was truly amazing and inspiring. We are asking again for that level of commitment to this admirable cause. To be as successful as before, we will need everybody to participate! The entire Board of Directors wants to thank you ahead of time for making Christmas Day a magical time for so many families in the community.
This toy drive cannot be a success on such a large scale without the action of all of our members. Please consider purchasing a $10-$20 new toy and then placing the unwrapped toy into one of the red, 55-gallon drum barrels at one of the locations listed below. The Board of Directors, along with members of the Department, will then deliver the toys to the families. Also, if you know of a specific family through your calls for service or investigations that involves a child or children that have a great need for that Christmas toy, please email the SJPOA staff with the name and address of that family at: info@sjpoa.com.
Beginning Monday, November 22nd, we will be placing the red 55-gallon drum barrels at the following locations:
    San Jose Police Officer’s Association
    San Jose Police Department PAB – BOI 3rd floor
    San Jose Police Department PAC – Southwest Elevator Lobby Entrance
    San Jose Police Department Substation
Please join us in showcasing yet another example of our considerate service as police officers and making this holiday season memorable for the children of our community!
Thank you,
SJPOA Board of Directors

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