Outside Service Attendant (Pay Job)

San Jose Country Club

Address15571 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127


Outside Service Attendant

Job Description


The Outside Service Attendant reports directly to the Outside Service Manager with all outside service operations and activities. The Outside Service Attendant is responsible for ensuring that members and guests receive outstanding customer service, which meets or exceeds their expectations.     

Job Specific Responsibilities: 

    • Assist in implementing applicable Company operating, human resources, and safety policies and procedures pertaining to golf shop and outside service activities.  Ensure procedures are followed to open, close and secure the golf shop and storage buildings. 
  • Follow the SJCC Values, Purpose/Mission and Vision.
  • Accurately follow the SJCC Policy with clocking in and out with adhering to appropriate working hour rules and regulations.
  • The Outside Service Attendant will work closely with the Outside Service Manager.

Manages the Daily Opening and Closing Outside operations as needed.

Opening Shift-
*Set up and Clean Pro Shop refreshment stand making certain coffee is available.
*Stage the golf carts in designated areas.
*Set up and clean practice range filling bay boxes with balls.
*Stock both short game chipping greens with full shag bags on racks.
*Clean grass clippings and broken tees on mats and concrete area.
– One person on the podium at all times- greet/facilitate members (i.e.bags)
– One person in front of Pro Shop attending Bag Room Area
*Front of Pro Shop Accessory Station shall be fully stocked. (i.e. wet towels, sand & seed bottles)
*All garbage cans must be taken out and properly disposed.
*Bag Room-clean clubs with wet towel, store in proper location. (Opening/Closing Shift)
*Push Carts-clean and stocked with sand, tees, scorecard and pencil. (Opening/Closing Shift)
*Wash towels in the morning-fold and restock
Closing Shift-
*Always check in and get briefed with outgoing morning shift
*One person at Podium
*One person retrieving carts to clean and turn (use again) or park in barn.
-Always keep watch #6 tee area for dirty carts-do not let them stack up
*Pick up errant range balls on holes #4 and #6.
*Clean Pro Shop refreshment stand-Clean Coffee Thermoses, restock cups, straws, etc., take out trash
*Pick up all balls on both short game chipping greens and bring in shag bags.
*Make sure driving range bin is ¾ full at end of day.
*Collect all range balls from bay boxes. Clean tees and trash on range mats and concrete area.
*Clean cart washing area is clean. Hose rolled up. Fill Sand & Seed bin and seal. Towels stocked.

 Perform other appropriate tasks as needed. Work as a team.
 Assure the efficient and timely submission of all required reports.
 Act as a role model for all employees by demonstrating the behavior and work ethic expected of all
 Continue to grow individual knowledge of the game of golf, rules of golf, golf facility operations and
tournament operations.

Note: Due to the dynamic nature and diversity of work required in private country clubs, it would be
unrealistic to expect strictly outlined job descriptions to apply in every case. Job responsibilities may
overlap categories at any given point in time. Under normal operations it would be understandable to ask
employees to occasionally perform work outside of their normal job description.

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