Members, I had no more than published this weeks Farsider when I have this
bomb dropped on me:

chaplainbryan@gmail.com Wed, Nov 3, 4:57 PM (3 days ago) Please remove me from this publication.
Leroy Pyle <leroypyle@gmail.com> Wed, Nov 3, 7:51 PM (3 days ago)
to Ernesto, Steve, Larry, Bob

Hi all, apparently the Chaplain found the content of the Farsiders offensive. I am aware that some content may be risque in various degrees.
I view the subscribers as adults near my age and capable of choosing what content to avoid, if necessary. At the same time, it takes hours of my time to find entertaining content throughout the internet and the few contributions that come in. Hours!

If you share the Chaplain’s opinion, or are aware of similar complaints, please let me know. And if that is the case, you may want to find a new editor,

On the other hand, it may just be the sensitivities of a chaplain.

Please advise,

Leroy Pyle <leroypyle@gmail.com> Thu, Nov 4, 12:41 PM (2 DAYS ago)


Chaplain Bryan,
I am curious to know why you rejected the connection to The Farsider.
care to share?

Nov 4, 2021, 3:33 PM (2 DAYS AGO)
to me

To be honest I started subscribing to the farsider to find out about everything going on PD related with the retirees . Occasionally there is some news about somebody who has passed away or for a funeral which is why I have continued but lately There is not much in there anymore about PD stuff it is mostly funny jokes which I think are good and important for people to laugh. But myself and many others don’t appreciate the sexual vulgar humor. There are a lot of women that subscribe to this as well as people that don’t really find that kind of stuff appropriate. I know a few months ago there was some encouragement for you to try and clean it up a little bit but after about seven things in this farsider including the naked backside of a woman as well as two crotch shots of a woman i don’t feel are not appropriate for me. Myself and others are very visual people and I don’t care if you look at that kind of stuff but that’s not something that I want to be looking at. This In no way is judgment on you you can do whatever you want but I don’t want to see those kind of things anymore. I will find out other avenues of funerals and peoples passing.

I hope you understand where I’m coming from. You are so I thought I would tell you. I don’t want you to feel that there’s judgment coming from me because that’s not my place. But I I’m choosing to remove myself from it

On Nov 4, 2021, at 12:41 PM, Leroy Pyle <leroypyle@gmail.com> wrote:

Chaplain Bryan,

Leroy Pyle <leroypyle@gmail.com>
Nov 4, 2021, 3:37 PM (2 DAYS AGO)
to chaplainbryan

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.
I have queried the BOD and look forward to their reply on the subject.


Leroy Pyle <leroypyle@gmail.com> Thu, Nov 4, 6:19 PM to Ernesto, Steve, Larry, Bob
Believe it or not, I find this complaint quite bothersome, and it is disappointing that no one has responded to my request.
Please include me in your busy schedule!
NO RESPONSE (11-6-21 1215 hrs.)
Yeah, especially when it comes to the Farsider, a publication I spend many hours a week searching the internet, querying family and friends for items, and snagging pics and articles from various social media.

This particular individual is rather unique, considering he holds a fairly influential position in the San Jose Police Department. Unique, though, not necessarily representative of the retired community of the men and women of the San Jose Police Department. I considered the courtesy of redacting his name but that wouldn’t work.
I can’t perceive any retired member of the San Jose Police Department being offended by the contents of this weeks Farsider. It was the Halloween edition, for crying out loud!
I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time!
So, I will appreciate any comments, critiques, or even compliments if in order. If you were offended by any picture or article, please provide the pic or article, or maybe the date of the publication.
THANX, SEND TO leroypyle@gmail.com
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On Nov 3, 2021, at 3:54 PM, Leroy Pyle <leroypyle@gmail.com> wrote:

The current Farsider is now available. Please visit the website at sjpba.net and click on the “Farsider” link located in the index at the top.


Leroy Pyle
SJPBA editor

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