October Birthdays

1 Alfano, Phil
2 Alford, Mike
3 Bailey, Rich
4 Bell, Mark
5 Bennett, Nate
6 Biederman, Margie
7 Boyles, John
8 Brahm, Bob
9 Cripe, Rodger
10 Dominguez, Robert
11 Hollars, Bob
12 Hyland, Brian
13 Kensit, John
14 Kneis, Brian
15 Madison, Gary
16 Marcotte, Steve
17 Nunes, Les
18 Papenfuhs, Steve
19 Russel, Russ
20 Valcazar, Dan
21 Vallecilla, Ernie
22 Weesner, Steve (Deceased)
23 Weston, Tom
24 Yuhas, Dick
25 Zwemke, Doug


Stick a damp finger in a bowl of sugar and place it on your tongue.  Have a bean burrito and fart.  Check your tempter..  Results, if you test the sugar, smell the fart and your tempter is normal and your don’t have a splitting head ache you don’t have Covid 19


There is no center of the Universe. Why?  Because the Big Bang doesn’t refer to a special location in space from which everything emanated, but rather to a special moment in time. And since the Universe is still largely unknown to us and is continuing to expand, it is not possible (or even productive) to pinpoint edges or a center. 

Rescuing a loyal dog


Ethan’s two owners died in an accident, leaving only the boy alive.
The boy faithfully waited for his owner for 8 years and hoped that his
master would return one day soon.

Veteran says farewell to K9 who saved his life in Afghanistan


This Extremely Sick Puppy Was Saved By An Unlikely Hero

Woman’s soulmate is a puppy no one wanted

Duckie Rescue

San Jose Police Officer on His Life-Saving Effort

Why Would Anyone Want to Become a Police Officer Today?

Being a cop for so long has given me tons of standup material

Deer Brings Her Babies To Meet Her Dog Best Friend Every Spring!

Funny Quotes About Getting Older

25 Random Funny Quotes To Make Your Day


This incredible artist, Nikolaj Arndt, “chalks” drawings on a flat surface insuch a manner so as to give them three dimensions!  

He was born in remote area of Russia in 1975, attended art school, moved to Germany in2006, and since 2009 participates in street art festivals around the world, applying his special technique of 3D art.  Enjoy.

Why today’s Facebook drama will keep happening,
explained by 
(If FaceBook is back online when this issue is published, just know that FB went out of service 10/4/21)


Joe Biden’s Booster Jab Was 100% Faked! Fox News Confirms!

A rugged Byzantine warrior, who was decapitated following the Ottoman’s capture of his fort during the 14th century, had a jaw threaded with gold, a new study finds.

An analysis of the warrior’s lower jaw revealed that it had been badly fractured in a previous incident, but that a talented physician had used a wire — likely gold crafted — to tie his jaw back together until it healed. 

Byzantine warrior with gold-threaded jaw unearthed in Greece
For the many who have requested more on the Byzantine Empire:
Byzantium (now Istanbul), the Byzantine Empire, or the Eastern Orthodox Church.