Services for Sgt. Wilbur “Bill” Mitchell

May 28, 2021

10:00 am

Crosscity Christian Church

2777 E. Nees Avenue

Fresno, CA

Reception immediately after services

Deborah Thomas Norling SAYS:

Dear Leroy,
May I just say, a huge and heart felt “THANK YOU” for all of your efforts and energies put into publishing both, Farsider and Farsider Live !
Every week that I receive the notification, it’s a bright spot in my day.
I appreciate that as a regular “CIVIE”, not actually in the club of the sworn, I am still allowed to enjoy the news, comments, stories and opinions of those I spent so many years working with from the other end of the radio.
The idea of having to worry about publishing not one but two newsletters weekly, would cause me so much STRESS..the exact feeling I’d get every time I had a book report or paper due in school and ALWAYS waited till the last minute to write!
What you do for all of us is nothing short of AMAZING!
Thank you for caring about us and keeping us well informed, entertained and connected.
You are an important part of OUR POLICE FAMILY.


Aw shucks, Ma’am. You are too kind, Debbie, but I do appreciate the comments.
I look forward to putting each edition together. I get a lot of input from fellow PBA members and that is very encouraging. I have to admit that before sitting down to compile files and pics, I have a couple days of relaxation, then a couple days of dread! Then, give it a go :-).
BTW, you or anyone else is encouraged to send pics, stories, jokes, etc. that would help out a lot!

PAY JOB AVAILABLE (so, we still do pay jobs?)


I was referred to this association by Maryanne Babiarz of the San Jose Police Officers Association.

We are a security company that provides intellectual property security and confidentiality protection for big tech companies in San Jose/Cupertino and surrounding areas. We also serve clients across the US, Canada, NY, Chicago and London.

I am reaching out because we hire exclusively active and former or retired law enforcement officers. Anyone who has had prior law enforcement experience and has a CA guard card. I’m hoping someone can help me get our job posting distributed and help us get the word out of the job opportunities we provide.

Any help in this matter is appreciated.

Thank You

Mathew Sanchez
Production Security Manager
(310) 795-2232

Job Description

Squad Security * Security Officers Needed

Established in 1992 Squad Security began operating in New York, and expanded operations opening full-service offices in Los Angeles and London. Since its inception the company has developed into a progressive, well-structured organization, offering a wide range of security and investigative solutions to multinational clients. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of the company’s values and is reflected in every aspect of our growth and service. For more information, visit www.SquadSecurity.com

Multiple Shifts Available in the San Jose and surrounding Northern California Area

Base Pay Rates Range: $30.00-35.00/hr.

As a Professional Security Officer, you will be responsible for the Security and Safety of our client’s property and personnel. You will know all site-specific policies and procedures, and respond to emergency’s as appropriate, while providing excellent customer service.


  • Active or Retired Law Enforcement
  • Valid CA guard card
  • Possess effective written and oral communication and interpersonal skills with ability to deal with all levels of personnel and the general public in a professional and effective manner
  • As a condition of employment, employee must successfully complete a background investigation and a drug screen in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws
  • Display exceptional customer service and communication skills
  • Have intermediate computer skills to operate innovative, wireless technology at client specific sites
  • Ability to handle crisis situations at the client site, calmly and efficiently
  • Able to work in various environments such as cold weather, rain/snow or heat
  • Occasionally lift or carry up to 40 pounds
  • Climb stairs, ramps, or ladders occasionally during shift
  • Stand or walk on various surfaces for long periods of time

Squad Security is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal


How the Dysfunctional Woke Are Ruining America

by  | May 10, 2021 | 

When an obscure digital editor from an Internet newspaper in the People’s Republic of San Francisco is able to garner national news claiming that revered Walt Disney’s Snow White was the victim of a sexual assault, it’s time to say, “Enough already!”

America is in deep trouble as a nation and a society as we slowly but surely allow an army of obscure and, in most cases, dysfunctional individuals of the “Cancel Culture” to destroy our most cherished activities. Since the advent of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee and destroying major league sports, America has been quickly spinning uncontrollably downward into an abyss of despair. Now we have the newest assault on, get this, Disneyland and Snow White. Who would have guessed?

Recently, the managing editor for an obscure Internet newspaper by the name of Katie Dowd has written in an op-ed that the children’s ride favored by tens of millions of kids since the 1950s should be canceled. Why say you? Well, apparently, after visiting the once “Magic Kingdom” and taking the Snow White ride, Ms. Dowd asserts that Snow White was the victim of a sexual assault. What?! 

It seems that somehow Ms. Dowd believes that the kiss given to Snow White by the handsome prince to free her from the spell of the Evil Queen was administered without Ms. White’s consent. In woke San Francisco, the DA might prosecute the prince’s behavior as a sexual assault. Never mind the Evil Queen attempting to murder Snow White. That apparently is okay. Cue the Me-Too Movement and protests by the LGBTQ community with transwomen wearing pink vagina hats and metrosexuals with man buns. Katie Dowd’s op-ed would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad and scary at the same time. 

The mainstream media and even occasionally conservative Fox News covered Dowd’s article as “the story,” I chose a different direction. The attempt to cancel another ride at already too woke Disneyland is not the story. I would submit that the real story is Katie Dowd herself and what an army of wokies are trying to do to America – and that is to destroy our culture and our families.

So who is Katie Dowd, and what has allowed her to gain such brief media interest? Good question. Dowd edits “SF Gate,” a digital newspaper that touts itself as, “The thermometer that reads the temperature of San Francisco’s moods, trends, and interests and shares it with the world.” Well, that’s the first red flag. Has anyone been to SF lately?

In full disclosure, I must, unfortunately, admit that I was born and raised in the once beautiful and tourist-friendly city known for its cultural diversity, arts, attractions, and eclectic communities. No more. San Francisco is now known for its insane liberal politics, uncontrolled homeless population, sky-rocketing violent crime rate, and the only urban city in America with an active digital map where you can track the piles of human feces on public sidewalks and parks.

“The City” has become a Third World-like socialist cesspool. Yup, the “moods, trends and interests of SF” is exactly what America needs right now because we don’t have enough urban cesspools with out-of-control homelessness and violent crime. But back to Katie.

Katie learned the trade of “journalism” as a student at U.C. Berkeley (surprise), where she didn’t major in journalism. She wrote sports stories for the university’s newspaper, The Daily Californian. She apparently was on student breaks when socio-economics and psychology were taught. She apparently went directly from birth to college, completely skipping childhood. Childhood fantasy, what’s that? Katie’s young age tells me that she never watched the weekly Disneyland series on TV that we older adults and parents grew up with and most certainly never watched nor read the classic Snow White, nor fairy tales, period. More about the true meaning of the story in a bit.

Katie is a very politically “connected” person. Just ask her. She likes to talk about herself on social media a lot. In fact, she’s a regular narcissistic powerhouse. Her Facebook and LinkedIn sites, including her “Wikipedia” bio (red flag #2), inform us that she “ran Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account” (red flag #3) and was given a brief post in HRC’s State Department. In my research on WikiLeaks, I found that Katie raised a ton of money for HRC and also the Clinton Foundation (red flag #4). 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and do a brief “psych profile” on Katie. Full disclosure again, I’m not board-certified to diagnose medically, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn once. Katie wants and needs attention. Katie is the one who pushed out her ridiculous “Snow White Victim of Sexual Assault” story all over the mainstream media. After all, who do you know who actually reads SF Gate? Katie is not a real journalist powerhouse. Three hundred connections on LinkedIn does not a powerhouse make. 

Katie, like her other wokies, is undoubtedly one unhappy camper. In fact, literally every woke person I have ever met or read about, I have found to be psychologically miserable internally and externally. People in Texas and other flyover states refer to such people as “having issues.” Wokies can’t handle the stress of being unhappy in life, so they hang with other unhappy people. Wokies want all of us to be just as unhappy and as off-balanced as they are.

Woke people like Katie Dowd know nothing of unconditional love. Therefore, they have missed the entire message the Snow White story provides children. People can and do fall in love. Committed parents, spouses, and partners love unconditionally. The vast majority of little girls and adults want to meet, fall in love with, and be loved unconditionally by their “handsome prince or princess.” The prince met, fell in love with, and kissed Snow White to free her from an evil spell. He saved her life, and the Seven Dwarfs rejoiced. They didn’t call 911 to report a sexual assault.

There was no sexual exploitation, darkness, or ugly, lusty desire in the prince’s offer of a kiss to the woman he loved. There was purity, innocence, respect, and love in the gesture. Things that seem to be obviously missing in the woke Cancel Culture. The angry, troubled and woke Katie Dowd’s of this world grasp out to find something negative about everything. Then they “project” from their miserable lives upon us.

Parents have unconditional love for their children. Couples have unconditional love for each other. We frequently kiss our children, spouses, and partners at night when they are asleep. We don’t sexually assault them. If that’s how you process love, Katie, then you have serious “issues.” Get help; just don’t look for it in San Francisco.

Americans need to strongly push back on the Katie Dowds around us. We need to “cancel” their behavior, not publicize, enable or empower them. The woke has affected all aspects of American society: news, sports, entertainment, corporations, our school system, our work environment, our government, and our military. Americans don’t need insecure, depressed, dark, hateful, safe-spacers or “Hey, look at me!” narcissists like Katie Dowd changing America and Americans to become more like them. 

Contrary to what the Cancel Culture and a complicit woke news and social media try to force down our throats daily, “woke” is not who we are as a nation, a culture, a society, a family, or a people. What we do need in this country is more tolerance, more openness, more understanding, and yes, more unconditional love. 

By the way, Katie⏤Snow White and the handsome prince lived happily ever after.

The End.


Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones: I marked my ‘Alive Day’ this week, 10 years after losing my legs, and want to share this


DeSantis lights Florida Historic Capitol blue for National Police Week

Desantis is a great leader. Unlike our greaseball in Sacramento!

Or this degenerate in DC!

Joe Biden Blames Law Enforcement for Fueling ‘Distrust’ in Police Week Statement Honoring the FallenMy memory is this long!

Get a boat they said … It’ll be fun they said!
“What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little seahorse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage.”Wildlife Photographer Wishes This Viral Photo Didn’t Exist
Submitted by Harry Mullins <hmullins08@yahoo.com>

A “cloud avalanche” is a “perfect cloud collapse” that occurred near at Nepal’s Kapuche Glacier Lake in the mountains. The phenomenon is extremely rare.  Few are lucky to see it once in a lifetime.  A group of companions were camping by the lake and risked filming what you’ll see.  The snow white clouds rushed down the valley, unstoppable, instantly swallowing the mountains and hitting the lake surface.  Against the backdrop of the blue sky and the yellow-brown mountains, the clouds were more distinct and magnificent.  The strong air flow overturned the tents and sleeping bags, but no casualties were reported.

Watch for the rainbow over the lake near the end.  The shocked travelers all cheered and marveled at what they had witnessed.

How about a few Doggos?


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