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(Marie is depending on those of you who might have experience dealing with some of the medical/hospital problems that retirees frequently experience. Please help if you can!)

It’s been four months since Larry was admitted to Monument Health in Rapid City, SD. As many of you know, Larry suffered a brain stroke during a heart stent procedure on Christmas Eve. Larry was transferred in critical condition to a specialty hospital in Sioux Falls, SD on January 14, 29 days; off critical, graduated to extensive brain stroke therapies. Unfortunately he was transferred to Encompass in Sioux Falls, and due to lack of care and therapies after 35 days ($16,000/day) they discharged Larry 24-7 to a skilled nursing home in Mitchell, SD. I’m still fighting the system to get him home to Rapid City. I met with Black Hills Advocate. Please feel free to email Marie at larboy@rap.midco.net. Attached is the plan to get Larry home:


The goal is to get Larry home from Firesteel! When he was transferred from Select Services I was told he could pivot into the truck, I could drive us home. My plan is get Larry transferred from Firesteel to home, home health, primary doctor visit, outpatient appointments with heart, feeding tube removal, kidney (I have a chair for him waiting at Aspen Center, Monument Health,) and schedule appointments from home at the Black Hills Works new outpatient BRAIN SPECIALTY clinic down the road from where we live. CAN WE WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM TO GET LARRY WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE!!!! Thank you, his wife Marie Romano, 47 years!!


OT – out of wheelchair, no hoist, board or pivot, use of lift chair, given opportunity to work at walking again

PT – cognitive ability improvement – use of photos reading explanation on back of each photo, memory spark, Larry knows voices of family and friends, responds appropriately to questions (dialysis catheter in jugular so voice low in volume,) frowns when thinking, tries to connect in conversation, fights to find the right words.

SPEECH – advancing, (ENCOMPASS ONLY TALKED TO ME ABOUT HIS MODIFIED DIET DURING BOTH FAMILY TRAINING SESSIONS I ATTENDED.) Larry sat at the table for the 40 minutes while speech therapist trained me on dietician information, swallowing test needed, on honey diet, thicken liquids, etc. Finally I brought her attention back to Larry and we went over photos with him. He did very well.


Larry needs a heart valve replacement which was known by heart docs at Heart and Valve at Monument Health in Rapid City on Christmas Eve when they placed two stents in heart and one in a major vessel, and heart assist device, three inch cut at shoulder to string wire of heart assist device into heart. During this stent procedure through the groin at the Cardio Lab a huge blood clot traveled to Larry’s left frontal lobe and blew out his left main language. Neurologist at Monument said Larry just may need to learn to speak over again and walk, right side affected. Dr. Burris at Select Specialty at Sanford advised that the language in Larry’s right lobe is functioning and needs professional speech therapy to make it function again.

  • Heart valve replacement, valve like leather, won’t open or close
  • Feeding tube inserted 12/24/20 at Monument STILL IN, hasn’t been used in weeks, Larry eats on his own and is receiving all the body nutrients he needs
  • UTI infection due to all day sitting in urine/feces in diaper, e-coli caused infection
  • Encompass claims infection on butt is a boil that is abscessed. I believe it’s a pressure ulcer from sitting in dirty diapers for extended periods of time throughout the day.
  • Heart assessment needed, functionality at 35% from 12% on 12/12/20, heart has NOT been assessed in 61 days while in Sioux Falls
  • Neurology doc needed. Dr. Burris at Select Specialty advised Larry had been experiencing small brain strokes for awhile, if Larry is on blood thinners can this prevent future blood clots to brain and those that have occurred and are scarred will they affect his therapy improvement?
  • Kidney in failure again thanks to infection at Encompass. From Select Specialty to Encompass creatinen at 2.8 (.8 away from kidney recovery and dialysis no longer needed) to 4.13.


  • Nurses, hope is they’ll have time to show a photo or read a card to Larry like SS did
  • Doctors available at Firesteel? Select Specialty Dr. Burris contacted me twice and Dave, liaison called every evening with update, in AM nurses gave report for 29 days.
  • Dialysis at DaVita – wonderful DaVita in Sioux Falls, informed me of pre-dialysis lab results. I expect this will happen at DaVita in Mitchell, also.
  • At SS they cared for Larry, he smiled all the time, and fought hard working with therapists to advance from critical to stable medical condition, graduated in therapies needing extensive therapy that SS could not provide. Medical: vent, trachea tube removed, WBC from 40 to normal, kidney creatinen and BUR potassium, phosphate, etc. normal. Stephanie, the case manager at SS said he’s made a miraculous recovery, we didn’t think he would ever get off the vent!!
  • We’re Catholic, need priest to give blessing, brown scapular around his neck at all times.
  • Music, Larry’s a rock n’ roller (we’re Californians) and yes I know that South Dakotans love rock n’ roll too but in the seventies back home this music played a big role in our lives. He loves Eddie Van Halen, Aerosmith, etc. Need CD player in order for Larry to listen to his favorite music (I have all the old CD’s) or download on music on U-tube.

I know this is asking a lot of a skilled nursing home but I’ve only heard rave reviews of Firesteel and look forward to visiting next week sometime. I need to call KAREN to schedule visitation. IS THERE FAMILY TRAINING I CAN ATTEND IN ORDER TO HAVE LARRY TRANSFERRED HOME NOT TO ANOTHER SKILLED NURSING FACILITY?

+++From Julie Callahan+++
I spoke with retired SJPD Officer Sharon Lansdowne last night (3/26/2021) and she told me that retired Chief of Police Bill Lansdowne, had a mishap at home three weeks ago.  Bill fell from the roof of their home in southern California to the concrete striking his head.  He has been hospitalized since the accident, in the San Diego area.  He is having trouble remembering things and has some delusions, which occur in many brain injury cases.  He has good days along with some bad ones.  Yesterday was a good day, according to Sharon.  Overall, he seems to be improving.  The medical staff hopes to have him moved to a critical care facility, but those decisions have yet to be finalized.  
With COVID-19 and precautions at most medical facilities, Bill cannot have visitors right now.  Sharon and Bill’s son Gregg Lansdowne have been able to visit with Bill at the hospital.  Greg, as some of you may remember, is a Lt. at Santa Cruz County S/O.  
Sharon asks that well-wishers and especially their San Jose Police Department Family, write or send cards to: 
William Lansdowne
Sharon Lansdowne
30 Gateview Dr.
Fallbrook CA 92028
Cards and letters are appreciated.  No calls or electronic communication are possible at this time.
This post was authorized by Sharon Lansdowne.

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This hits the nail right on its head about Kneeling…..
“I watched the Democratic leaders of Congress kneel in the halls of Congress for about 9 minutes, for the death of a black man named George Floyd.
I have never seen them kneel for a fallen *Police Officer.
I have never seen them kneel for a fallen *Soldier.
I have never seen them kneel for the thousands of (black and white) *babies aborted EVERY DAY.
I have never seen them kneel for a murdered *white man or woman.
I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of *black-on-black murder victims.
I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of *elderly people that died in nursing homes due to the Corona Virus.(Especially N.Y.)
I have to ask: *WHY are Democrats putting the life of George Floyd as more valuable than the lives of everyone else?
In fact, Democrats have put so much value on the life of George Floyd, they have allowed rioting, 🙅looting, 🔥arson, 🧟murder, and💣mayhem in communities Nationwide…
The family (brothers and sister) of George Floyd opened a Go Fund Me account to “help the family”? It has already raised   $14,455,100.00 (Not the mention the $27 Mil. from Minneapolis)  and still counting from donations as of June 22, 2020. Yes, almost $14 1/2 MILLION. This is for  a guy who was arrested NINE times; was a convicted drug dealer (and at a drug deal the day he died); held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant lady while his five buddies robbed her home; did prison time three different times totaling about eight years, and obviously didn’t learn from our penal system. And America is memorializing him by painting murals of the guy on the sides of buildings like he’s a hero? Unbelievable!!
You got to be kidding me.  Crime does pay!…..and to pour salt in the wound, Rep. Pelosi(democrat) presented his brother a folded American flag flown over the Capitol in his honor in a beautiful tri-cornered presentation case
Are you throwing up yet?

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Addressing Murphy in committee Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) offered Democrats an opportunity to support legislation he says would actually target violent criminals’ ability to get their hands on firearms without infringing on law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

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