Thank you Leroy: Could you put out the latest update: I’m just disgusted and sick over the horrible way Larry and I have been treated at this Encompass rehab in Sioux Falls, SD. I need help in finding out my rights, Medicare benefits, etc. Thank you. Marie



Gratitude abounds to Select Specialty at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls where he arrived on a medical flight January 14th, after 30 days at Monument Hospital, including 19 days in ICU. He was in extreme critical condition, on a vent, feeding and tracheal tubes, high WBC at 40 due to infections, kidney failure and brain stroke in front lobe caused during a heart stent procedure on Christmas Eve. Select Specialty at Sanford within 27 days got him off the vent, tracheal tube removed which was infected with bacterial bugs that infected his lungs and throat, not alert, couldn’t speak or move and needed kidney dialysis as his creative was at 40, kidney failure. Through their professional medical and kind, loving, hard working PT, OT and speech therapists on February 10th Larry graduated to an extensive brain stroke rehab, he was ready. Unfortunately he was transferred to a PATIENT REHABILITATION HOSPITAL in Sioux Falls called Encompass, nationwide and just came to South Dakota in June of 2020 not a brain stroke specialty rehab hospital. He still needed a heart valve replacement, which tires him out during therapies. Again, Encompass is NOT a brain stroke specialty hospital. He’s been there 26 days at $16,000 per day! They are severely understaffed, give very little time to therapy rehab, and do not give Larry the opportunity to learn to speak, walk or cognitively think. I was there being “trained” to take Larry home and I saw first-hand the inadequacy and complete lack of care. I never saw a doctor, nurses had him sitting in the wheelchair daily with no TV, radio, and only popped in to give meds, then ran away to next patient, use a hoist to and from the wheelchair to bed (Select never used a hoist, but a swing board) ratio 8 patients to one nurse. Larry’s dialysis create in was at 2.8, kidney recovery and not needed further dialysis is a 2. After 26 days at Encompass his kidney is failing; from 2.8 to 4.13, UTI infection, feeding tube still in, not flushed, no blood panel to ascertain if infection is in other parts of his body. INFECTION is a major cause of kidney failure!!!! He’ll be released on Tuesday to a “skilled nursing rest-home in Rapid City.” This was a nurse supervisor’s decision during a care conference where some doctor had advised me earlier that Larry will not recover from his brain stroke, they’ve taken him as far as they can, and he’s being shipped to a rest-home. Did I go off on this inhumane SOB. However, I don’t have any rights to get him home with home health, then hospitalized for heart valve replacement at hospital and then to a real brain stroke rehab hospital like Mayo at Rochester or Madonna in Omaha, NE. He’s being transported to Rapid City at my expense (Medicare won’t pay.) The rest-home he’s being transferred to changed their name from Beverly to (can’t tell you) at three locations in Rapid City where in late 90’s the State of SD kicked them out due to so many complaints of elder abuse. I know the place as I worked hard as my mom’s POA to get her the hell out of there and back home to Larry and I. Encompass will only discharge him to a facility where there is 7 day kidney dialysis transport and this place is the only place in this area that has it. Encompass will charge Medicare and Medica a whopping $400,000 to bring him right back to critical condition. Larry will be scheduled with our primary, then outpatient appointments at Monument for heart assessment (hasn’t been assessed for 51 days in Sioux Falls) and kidney specialist then hopefully admitted to the hospital and to a brain specialty rehab hospital. My arms aren’t long enough to continually fight medical and Medicare re benefits. Is there anyone who can help point me in the right direction? Thank you for your continued prayers.