March 7, 2021

From the President:

To all current and former PBA members, subscribers to the Farsider, active and retired San Jose Police personnel and to all who accessed a link that was included in the March 4 th edition of the on-line newsletter, my sincerest and whole hearted apologies for the content of the posting. It never should have been included in the publication.

The Farsider is a separate entity from the PBA, historically, it has been part of the website as a means to continue outreach and contact with the retirees from the Department. The PBA’s contribution to the newsletter has been the President’s Monthly Message, which usually recaps the monthly members’
meeting, announcements of upcoming events and the remembrance of departed Department members.

I asked the editor to remove the link and more circumspection of future editions. I ask for your understanding and confidence that this will not occur again.

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President