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Don Harris & Mike Bilecki have indicated that there will not be services for ret. Sgt Gary Hughes at this time.  Down the road there may be a reception for him.  We will keep you all informed.  Rest In Peace, Gary.–

EDITORIAL OPINION: StevePostier <stevepostier@att.net>

It won’t be long before the San Jose we knew for so many years will be no more. First Town & Country Shopping Center was turned into yuppie Santana Row, next will be Cambrian Shopping Center, they already got rid of the bowling alley there. Now this 20-story plus penthouse commercial office building, I wonder how many of the original old homes will be leveled and families displaced, to where? And what will happen when the crime rate sores partly due to the inadequate staffing of police officers and support services.  As far as I know, SJPD has never been fully staffed, and it’s bound to get worse with the population of San Jose growing without the PD increasing staffing at the same rate..

Project File No. and Name: H20-021, Almaden Boulevard Tower Project
Location: 50 South Almaden Boulevard, east side of South Almaden Boulevard, between Post Street and West San Fernando Street
Director’s Hearing Date: Wednesday, December 9th, 2019


Holiday Package Theft PSA
We are entering the season where many of us shop online and receive packages at our homes. We want to prevent you from being a victim of package theft.


Elon Musk to Introduce Battery-powered AR-15
Harry Mullins
This is the gun the world has been waiting for, I am going to order two.
Please do not tell my wife.

When you finally live out your dream!

Little Darlin’ – The Original Diamonds (1957)Click HERE

Paranoia? Who Me? Covid-19 Forever?

“I can say with a high level of confidence that there are many more of these women out there,” Daniel Hoffman, a retired CIA Senior Clandestine Services Officer, told Fox News. “China’s MO is to flood the zone.”
Considering the fact that members of our intelligence community confirm that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, more Chinese spies like Fang Fang, what is the likelyhood of hundreds of them continuing to spread the Covid-19 virus?

U.S. investigators in the northern California Bay Area believe Fang was also circling close to numerous up-and-coming politicians between 2011 and 2015, engaging in sexual relation-ships with at least two mayors in other states.

Considering the ongoing feud between Washington and the Chinese Communists, and then add the democrats blaming the virus on Trump, it would benefit both the Communists and the democrats for the virus to continue spreading.

What better way than with the cooperating Chinese Communists visiting or legally residing in the US?

BTW – Paranoia is easy to handle once you realize they really are out to get you!

Ron Martinelli
Author of the Texas Ranger Wade Justus book series

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Pandemic Policing: The Rise of National Socialism In America
A Sheriff’s Department armored military SWAT vehicle enters a parking lot of a bar in Odessa, TX, disgorging uniformed officers armed with M-4 tactical rifles to take down armed and unarmed patrons in a parking lot and bar. Their violation? Opening a bar and “Violations of Social Distancing.”

Drone Technology – Now, THIS is useful AND
very scary stuff !!!

How Polar Bears Dry Off
Polar bears have their own special (and adorable) way of drying off after a swim – rolling around in the snow!


You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore
By Willie Nelson

Too cool not to use 🙂

TOMBSTONE Clip – I’m Your Huckleberry (1993) Val Kilmer

Mom blogger’s hilarious holiday mishap cracks up millions in viral video

If I Like It, It’s Mine

If I Can Take It From You, It’s Mine
If I Chew Something Up, All The Pieces Are Mine

If I Get Tired of It, It’s Yours
If I had It a Little While Ago, It’s mine

If You Have Something or Put It Down, It’s Mine
If I Want It Back, It’s Mine
If It Just Looks Like Mine, It’s Mine
If It’s Edible, It’s Mine
If It’s In My Mouth, It’s mine
If It’s Mine, It Must Never Appear To Be Yours


(anyone following New York politics? Sheesssszzzz!)



What’s the old saying, “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6!