Chaplain Jim Becknall

November 20, 2020

An open letter to past, present, sworn and non-sworn San Jose Police Department personnel:

Chaplain Jim Becknall has always been at the beck and call of any Department member; to preside at a wedding, a funeral, a memorial service or as a pillar of support during many of our trying and sometimes dark periods.  Jim does all the above, and more, with the unequivocal support of his wife Nancy.

Today, I would like to make an appeal for Nancy.  She is undergoing treatment for cancer, which has included surgeries.  I reach out and ask for your wholehearted support, thoughts and prayers for Nancy and Jim as they persevere through this tribulation. 

The power of devotions can make a difference as does the strength in numbers.  Please take a few moments of your time and in your own manner and form, utter a prayer of sponsorship, shine a light or send a message of support to Nancy and Jim to let them know that they are not alone in this fight and that the Department family will stand with them as they have for us.

Thank you for any support you may be able to provide,

Ernie Alcantar, President

San Jose Police Benevolent Association


Chaplain Jim allowed me to furnish his mailing address:

1234 W. Edmundson Avenue
Morgan Hill, CA 95137