It is with great sadness that we are announcing the passing of our father Stephen (Steve) Windisch. He passed peacefully and unexpectedly at the age of 94 among family and is now reunited in heaven with the love of his life Louise.  Steve was born on 8/2/1926 in the Bronx, New York. He was the oldest of four children. He is preceded in death by his parents Stephen and Rose, and his brothers Frank and Richard. He is survived by his sister Mary Schimmrick. He is also survived by his daughter Shelly Battaglia (Diane), son Steve (Will). Four grandchildren Michelle Hughes (Justin), Jessica Dando (Nick), Will Battaglia, and Nikky Battaglia. He was also the great grandfather to five boys, James, Brady and Hudson Hughes, as well as Emmett and Maverick Dando.

      He was raised in the Bronx, living the life of a big city kid until WWII. He enlisted in the Navy at age 17 and eventually was assigned to an aircraft carrier. He eventually was stationed at Moffet Field and met our mom, Louise, who was working as a waitress in nearby San Jose. The sparks flew and the fairytale romance began. Realizing they were the perfect couple, they married in 1944 and settled down in San Jose after his discharge from the Navy. Louise was a waitress and learned that they were testing for the San Jose Police Department and urged him to apply. He tested and was accepted to his dream career as a San Jose Cop in 1947.

      Steve worked as a patrol officer and walked a beat downtown. He would often reminisce about directing traffic at First and Santa Clara streets or walking a beat on the midnight shift. He would laugh and say that when he first started, some of the bars still had dirt floors. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1954. He worked in patrol until he was noticed by Chief of Detectives Bart Collins, who brought him into the Detective bureau. He flourished as a detective with his specialty being in Safe Burglaries. He was highly regarded throughout the state for his skill and expertise. He was promoted to Lieutenant and worked in both the Detective and Patrol Divisions until he was promoted to Captain where he finished his career in Patrol. He was very well respected by his peers and the officers for his knowledge, fairness and understanding. As a testament to this, he put off his retirement briefly because several officers had requested for him to sit on their promotional boards as was customary back then.  He retired in April of 1978. Steve loved being a cop but was proud to be a San Jose Cop. He was a role model and an inspiration.

      After retiring from San Jose, he worked for ten years in the security dept for Lockheed before retiring from the Job market and assuming the role as full time Grandpa. He took to this role with the same loving, patience, and guidance that he had as a father and a boss. His grandchildren love and adore him.

       His love for our mom, Louise, knew no bounds. He loved and protected her as no one else could. They truly were the perfect couple. Their devotion to each other and in turn the whole family was stark. They had two vices. The first was their Reno trips. They loved those short getaways. The second was the unexpected lunches about 18 months apart. They would leave for lunch and comeback hours later with a new car. Steve had learned that 18 months was the optimal time for return on your investment in trading in a car. They did love a new car.

       Steve was an inspiration for Shelly and I and everyone else he mentored. He was looked up to and admired and trusted. His passing has left a gaping hole in our world but he is now with our mom watching us from above. Thank you, Dad. We love you!


November 10, 2020

From the President:

Wouldn’t you know it, the elections are over and now that we have a chance to get together and commiserate about the winners and losers, the POA Hall will continue to be on lock-down this month; hence, no November PBA meeting.  We will be looking for January, as we do not meet in December.  Hopefully things will open up then.

Birthday greetings to the November celebrants and thoughts for those members who are no longer with us.  Please feel free to share a photo of yourself or that of your socially distanced breakfast or lunch group.  I will add an incentive; the first emailed photo to Leroy, leroy@leroypyle.net for publishing in the Farsider will receive a $25 Peet’s coffee card, sorry, but Starbucks is not very police friendly.

I close with condolences to Vice-President Steve Windisch and his family on the loss of his father, retired Captain Stephen F. Windisch.  It was always a pleasure to see him attend a PBA meeting.

Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving Day as best you can with family as circumstances allow or in your own special way. 

Take care all and be safe,

Ernie Alcantar

PBA President

Re: Daniel H
Was looking through some things of my dad Vic Hernandez and came across this.
I’m just damn proud of everything he did to serve his country and community.
Pretty good quote from Harry Stangel at the end of the article too! Haha 

Vic with Daniel Hernandez, Vic’s Son

Mon, Nov 9, 2020: Today’s my dad, Vic Hernandez birthday. It doesn’t get any easier with time for me at least but the advice, example, and impression he made still carries on with me today and that will never go away. Can still hear him say, “Daniel just don’t be a dumbass! And don’t do dumb shit and dumb shit won’t happen!” Although I didn’t always take his advice as most of you know, he always gave it and it was usually good. I always think of him but more so on days like today. It’s good to think back and laugh at the fun stuff than to be so damn sad about it. And that’s what I’ll try to do today.–DAN


During the Pandemic period during which we are all bored to the bone, staying at home with little to do other than communicate by email, let me encourage you to use the time to to do you part in recruiting new members to the PBA.

If you are communicating with sworn personnel from ours or any agency, invite them to join is in the SJPBA. Sweeten the  pot with the promise of an open bar and dinner once a month! That oughta do it if they’ve been a cop for more than 3 weeks 🙂

On the first meeting night after the pandemic restrictions are lifted,

TAKE NOTE: Membership to the PBA is open to all sworn members of the Police Dept., active or retired.
Associate membership is open to all sworn officers of other agencies — active or retired — of any local, state or federal agency.

Invite them as a guest or just point them to





LRPyle,Sr Great Lakes Naval Trng Center LRPyle,Sr 1940’s

My Dad always said a Marine came out of boot camp thinking he was the toughest SOB in the world…

Marine Corps Birthday Message





We’re all in this together!