Special Edition – Poll

This message came from Eddie Chan which brought up the question of how many PBA members are also POA members and whether or not you are interested in his candidacy for President of that organization:
This  is Eddie Chan #3735. I was a member of the 10-7OD FB group when it was  taken down last June. Like many of you, I was infuriated by what Paul  Kelly did and I resigned my position from the Board of Directors the  same day Paul condemned all of us and called us a “ring of hate.”
I  am running for POA President this November. Per the bylaws, retirees  who are still POA members can vote for elected POA officers. The website  address is www.SJPOA.com. Once you reach the site, you can go to  whichever log in applies to you. Here is a screen shot of the log in  screen. There are 4 different areas. Pick which applies to you. If you  have any questions about logging in or voting, you can reach Joanne at [joanne@sjpoa.com.](mailto:joanne@sjpoa.com.)
I  will be providing a candidate statement shortly. This is an opportunity  for you to collectively show your objection to what was done to us.  Thanks for your support!
Eddie Chan #3735

Are you also a member of the POA?
Do you intend to vote in the upcoming election for POA President?
Should the PBA get involved in any way with the POA elections?