I introduced a new medium. Private and confidential, open to retired officers and employees of the San Jose Police Department, as well as the occasional dispatcher, by registration only (name and ID#).

Brought about by the demise of the Facebook forum for police discussions that was removed by order of the Chief as a result of unofficer-like discussions.

If you’d like to comment on just about anything related to the job or anything that moves you, and read what others have to say, please visit https://farsider-live.com to register and make yourself heard!

Again, it is a private forum, not available to the public nor anyone not registered. Unlike the Farsider that is published weekly, Farsider-Live is interactive allowing near immediate feedback and the ability to communicate with the webmaster or fellow officers in near real time. 

I use the term “near” to describe the interactive feature, because while you may get the urge to expound at 3:00 in the morning, your webmaster will likely be sound asleep. The security feature requires approval by said webmaster!

Go to www.Farsider-live.com