RIP Richard Raymond Gurley

Richard Raymond Gurley, 82, of San Jose, California, passed away with his family by his side on September 11, 2020 from congestive heart failure.

He was born in Van Nuys, California on June 11, 1938 and enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1955.  He married the love of his life, Jada Mattert-Gurley and they remained together for more than 48 years.In 1963 he began his career with the San Jose Police Department. He valiantly served the San Jose community until his retirement in 1994. During his time with the SJPD he served as a member of the SJPD Motorcycle Unit, SWAT Team, and Range Unit but his most cherished time on the Department was spent with the Special Operations Division of the San Jose Bomb Squad for more than two decades.

He was preceded in death by his father Richard Gurley, Senior; his mother Mae Funderburk; and his little brother Ronnie Lee Gurley who also served as a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department until his death in 1974.

He is survived by Jada Gurley his wife of 40 years; his son and his wife David and Lisa Gurley of Redondo Beach, California; his daughter and her husband Denise and Bud Stiarwalt of Folsom, California; his baby daughter and her husband Janine and Rob Carnaroli of El Dorado Hills, California; his stepson and his wife Don and Carol Mattert of Chula Vista, California; his five beautiful grandchildren Shane, Michael, Mia, Ryan and Gia; his sister and her husband Linda and Bobby Langone of Stockton, California; and his cousins, nieces, and nephews.  

He was a dedicated father to his four kids, an amazing “Poppy” to his 5 grandchildren and treasured time spent with family. He had many residences throughout his life, but “home” was the farm he lived on with Jada and their animals for the past 37 years. When not on the farm, he relished motorcycle adventures with his wife.  He enjoyed many years tinkering on cars with his brother-in-law Dave and his nephew Bryan. An avid reader constantly learning about the world, he was quick to provide his point of view on all things great and small.  He will be remembered as a Costco loyalist – it was a rare Costco product that evaded his grasp.

Most importantly, he saw life in black-and-white terms, was a strong moral compass to his children and set a solid example to his family by inherently understanding what is right, what is wrong, and living his life within those guiding principles.

A memorial service will be held at the San Joaquin National Cemetery on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 12:30 p.m.  Due to COVID-19 limitations the service is closed to all mourners. There will be a celebration of life for all friends and loved ones when the pandemic allows.

The family would like to acknowledge the wonderful care he received from the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center.


Locations of Memorial Plaques for SJPD’s 13 Fallen Officers

Erected by SJPOA

Sergeant Morris Van Dyke Hubbard #21: EOW July 12, 1924
On E. Julian/N. 15th St (South west corner sidewalk)

Officer John Buck #10: EOW April 5, 1933
On Post St/S. Market St (South west corner sidewalk near cobblestone)

Officer John Covalesk #70: EOW November 15, 1950
On south sidewalk of E. San Fernando St (East of Parking Lot 368 at 8 E. San Fernando St)

Officer Richard Huerta #47: EOW August 6, 1970
On Empire St/N. 11th St (South east corner sidewalk)

Officer Robert White #2325: EOW January 27, 1985
IFO 1427 Old Piedmont Rd (on sidewalk next to light pole)/Tumble Wy

Officer Henry Bunch #2076: EOW July 29, 1985
West side of SJPD Sergeant Garage Entrance (North side of building) on Island between entrance and parking spaces

Officer Robert Wirht #1596: EOW September 8, 1988
On San Felipe Rd/ Across the street from 3810 San Felipe Rd (west side of street on sidewalk)

Officer Gene Simpson #1409: EOW January 20, 1989
E. Santa Clara St/5th St (South side of Santa Clara near crosswalk)

Officer Gordon Silva #1512: EOW January 20, 1989
E. Santa Clara St./N. 5th St (North east corner near crosswalk)

Officer Desmond Casey #2705: EOW October 25, 1999
IFO 2021 The Alameda/Newhall St (west side of street just up from curb marked with large rock)

Officer Jeffrey M. Fontana #3702: EOW October 28, 2001
IFO 1103 Calle Almaden (on sidewalk near light post)

Officer Michael Johnson #3718: EOW March 24, 2015
On Senter Rd/North of Senter Creek Ct (on east side of street on sidewalk)

Officer Michael Katherman #3900: EOW June 14, 2016
N. 10th St/Horning St (North east corner)



This past LE Memorial Week in May I decided there was no better time to finally visit all the sites where our 13 officers were killed in the line of duty. It has been a goal for my 20 plus years on this department, but until this year I never did it. I have no excuse except I suppose selfishness of my own life getting in the way.             

The plaques have been in place since 2000 when the San Jose Police Officer’s Association began to have them placed. I knew there was a list made somewhere, but I didn’t have it as a reference, so my only guidance was gathering information provided by the Department in the annual remembrance of each officer’s death.

It took me a while to locate a few, as the locations were not where I expected, but I finally located all of them with the help of others. The San Jose Historical Society’s book had many plaque locations listed, but some had been moved since they were first published.

I have always thought it was extremely important to remember each of these officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving the citizens of San Jose. Each year in the first week of May we hold a memorial ceremony (this year looked very different), and each year the story of the officer’s death is read in briefing. This year is just a reminder of how important it is to remember one another and the sacrifices we make. During times like these, it can be difficult to remember why we do this, but remember the majority of our community support and appreciate you. Keep your head up and continue to make this department proud.

I ask that each of you take a moment and visit the sites where these officers lost their lives serving and protecting our community. It was truly an honor to visit these sites and see the memorial plaque placed there by the POA. You can find the story of each officer on our intranet and I recommend you read them as you visit the sites.

Thank you for your time,
Sgt. Jodi Williams #3571

Misdemeanor charged against San Jose cop recorded kicking, dragging woman

SJPD Officer Charged with Beating Driver During an Arrest
For release on September 29, 2020
CONTACT: Jason Malinsky
Deputy District Attorney
(408) 792-2428

SJPD Officer Charged with Beating Driver During an Arrest”

A San Jose police officer was charged today with unlawful assault and battery under color of authority after he kicked a woman in the stomach and dragged her away from a vehicle while she was in handcuffs.
The incident involving Officer Matthew Rodriguez, 36, was caught on officers’ body-worn camera and a witness’s smartphone camera.
The officer – who is on administrative leave – will self-surrender on the warrant and will be arraigned on the misdemeanor charge when the court schedules that first appearance. He faces one year in jail, if convicted.
District Attorney Jeff Rosen said: “Officers have a difficult job, but they also should be held to a high standard. No officer should use more force than necessary to take a person into custody. When they do, they not only commit a crime, they weaken the bonds of trust with the community that so many excellent police officers have worked their entire careers to build. The SJPD detectives assigned to this case conducted a fair, thorough, and professional
investigation involving one of their own officers.”

The incident occurred around 5:45 p.m. in a McDonald’s parking lot located on E. Santa Clara Street and N. 27th Street in San Jose. Two officers reported that they located a car that was wanted for evading police on two separate occasions, including earlier that day, with a male driver. The officers drove up behind the car, which was being driven by a 39-year-old woman. Also in the vehicle were a female friend in the front passenger seat and two children,
ages 7 and 3, in the back seat.

With his gun drawn, Officer Rodriguez – who has 11 years on the force and was assigned to SJPD’s Violent Crimes Enforcement Team – ordered the driver out of the car. The woman complied and got down on the ground when ordered by the officer. After telling the woman, “I’m going to kick you in the (expletive deleted) face,” the officer kicked the woman in the stomach. He then dragged her for several feet away from the car by her handcuffs. The officer
reported that she was not complying with his commands. Video footage contradicted the officer’s report, showing the victim trying to comply with the commands. The victim suffered contusions and lacerations to her face, stomach, and legs.

The victim was booked into Santa Clara County Jail for driving on a suspended license, possession of paraphernalia, and resisting arrest. She was later released. After a review of the case, the District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against the victim.


The wildfires raging across the Santa Cruz Mountains and around our state are devastating our community. Our very own SJPOA brothers and sisters are not immune from that devastation. Some of us have been evacuated from our homes while others are glued to Twitter or newsfeeds waiting to see if there area will be evacuated next. We have members who have most likely lost their homes. Some may know by now. Others are filled with angst waiting to be notified as to whether they will have a home to return to.

This crisis asks us to come together to support each other in every way we can. The SJPOA is working quickly to provide aid to those in need. We need your help. We have two specific asks of your right now.

First, donate what you can and ask others to donate what they can to directly support SJPD officers and their families. Click this link and designate “Fires” from the drop down menu. These donations will go to the SJPOA charitable fund and will only be allocated directly to SJPD officers and families. Impacted officers may need lodging, clothes, food, supplies or have other needs. We will work directly with officers to ensure that the assistance we can provide has a meaningful impact on their needs and is provided swiftly.

Click this link and designate “Fires” from the drop down menu


Police reform back on the agenda for San Jose City Council

During the Pandemic period during which we are all bored to the bone, staying at home with little to do other than
communicate by email, let me encourage you to use the time to to do you part in recruiting new members to the PBA.

If you are communicating with sworn personnel from ours or any agency, invite them to join is in the SJPBA. Sweeten
the  pot with the promise of an open bar and dinner once a week! That oughta do it if they’ve been a cop for more
than 3 weeks 🙂
On the first meeting night after the pandemic restrictions are lifted,

TAKE NOTE: Membership to the PBA is open to all sworn members of the Police Dept., active or retired.
Associate membership is open to all sworn officers of other agencies — active or retired — of any local, state or federal agency.

Invite them as a guest or just point them to

Police investigate a fatal stabbing as a homicide on Santa Clara Street and 6th Street on Monday, September 21, 2020. (AIO Filmz) San Jose: Downtown patrols get a boost after pair of deadly attacks


Tickets on sale for this year’s drive-thru Christmas in the Park


TIL Walt Disney was originally against the famous spaghetti-eating scene in Lady and the Tramp; he thought it would look too silly, and not romantic. Animator Frank Thomas disagreed, and animated the whole scene without layouts to convince Walt it would work. Walt was impressed, and kept it in.

Bay Area hotels to convert into permanent homeless housing

San Jose Inside reports that “the California Department of Housing and Community Development plans to allocate $550 million by the end of this year to help local governments rehabilitate hotels, motels, vacant apartments and residential care facilities to house homeless individuals and families. The latest round of cash, which totals $236 million, will help 12 local jurisdictions and one tribe secure 1,810 new units across the state.”

According to NBC Bay AreaSanta Clara County will receive about $30 million for Project Homekey developments.

Other Bay Area cities and counties including Contra Costa County, parts of Alameda County and San Francisco County will also receive funds to convert hotels into permanent housing for the homeless.

Editor’s Note: This can be call “Job Security for Cops!” Just what is needed, more government run sh*t holes!
“Lower-pay, higher-risk”:
Coronavirus layoffs send middle-class workers down the economic ladder
Glass Fire tears through North Bay hills
The Glass Fire, in Napa and Sonoma counties, more than tripled in size Monday, destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of more than 70,000 people, including the entire city of Calistoga. But firefighters were cautiously optimistic by evening that weather conditions had turned in their favor.

Newsom bans sale of all new gasoline-powered cars starting in 2035,
calls for fracking ban


Union blames lack of overtime for San Jose’s fire inspection backlog

article in San Jose Spotlight

Overtime??? They work a 24 hour shift a few days a week, sleeping, watching TV, cooking, eating and pumping iron on the job.

Where does this overtime come in, other than on their paycheck?
Asking for a cop friend…😋

Sunday Morning Humor From Ken Womack


Pete Salvi – Carm Grande – Brian Bennert

Art makes a comeback at outdoor Silicon Valley Sculpture Fair

MENLO PARK, CA – SEPTEMBER 25: Attendees look at a sculpture by Foon Sham at Silicon Valley Sculpture 2020 at Menlo College in Menlo Park, Calif., on Sept. 25, 2020.  More than 40 sculptures are on display at Menlo College this weekend

Not even close to San Jose’s famous Poop Sculpture!

 “Quetzalqoatl” in sj. Feathered serpent.

Or The Farsider’s Famous Poop Sculpture!

ATTN: South County – Wild Pig Removal Service

Can you provide the following information to your membership.

I run a wild pig removal service. I like to give the meat away for consumption instead of disposal. The pigs are trapped and dispatched with a brain shot, usually at daybreak . If anyone is interested in free wild pig meat. Send me an email with you contact information and I will make a meat list and call when I have meat to give away. The entire carcass will be delivered the recipient must process the meat. I will provide the DFW tag .

Tim Gall- Owner
Wild Pig Removal Inc

77-Year-Old California Veteran Attacked While Wearing MAGA Hat, ‘Back the Blue’ Mask
Editor’s Note: I don’t care what your politics are, this sucks!
In this image from a video report by VTV, allegedly used condoms are being are being packed for sale in Binh Duong province, Vietnam on Sept. 10, 2020. Vietnamese police say they will investigate a factory that was found recycling about 320,000 used condoms for resale. (VTV via AP)

Police seize 345,000 used condoms that were cleaned and sold as new


I don’t remember why I rec’d these old Open House docs, but here they are. If you sent them with a message, please re-send 🙂 And if anyone has the originals, complete, I would like to see what was cut off at the bottom.



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