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in a sunflower field with West Maui Mountains in the background

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Pandemic Policing – The Rise of Socialism in America
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“I was just following orders,”
becomes MORE DANGEROUS than COVID – 19

A Sheriff’s Department armored military SWAT vehicle enters a parking lot of a bar in Odessa, TX, disgorging uniformed officers armed with M-4 tactical rifles to take down the bar’s owner along with armed and unarmed patrons in a parking lot and bar. The violation? Opening the bar and “Violations of Social Distancing.”

An undercover “sting operation” at a hair and nail salon in Dallas County, Texas results in the arrest, speedy conviction and the disproportionate and immediate sentencing of the female owner and mother of two children to jail. Her violation? Opening her salon to earn money to feed her kids and pay her rent. The woman is handcuffed and carted away to jail for refusing to apologize to the activist judge for her “selfishness.” She is potentially exposed to COVID-19 while Dallas County frees a thousand felons because they might contract the virus.

In Fresno, California on Mother’s Day, police arrest patrons of a restaurant. It was open in defiance of county health guidelines and they were “violating social distancing guidelines.” They were blocking the doors which prevented code enforcement and police from entering the establishment to cite the owner.

In Southern California, police and lifeguards chase down and arrest a defiant paddle boarder out in the bay for refusing to get out of the ocean in “violation of social distancing orders.” View Article HERE


BREAKING: Entire Rochester Command Force Including Police Chief Resign

Would anyone call that cat a “Chick Magnet“?


The Bear
An Unforgettable Film!


Traffic lights in the Ukraine

This water fountain allows the water to flow down so dogs can drink too

An accessibility mat on the beach for strollers and wheelchairs.

This pill bottle lid tells you when it was last opened.Seniors and handicapped people can extend cross time for this 8 lane highway.

These tiny model tents give you a look at what you’re buying

This elevator shows how close to capacity it is based on the weight of the riders.This inflatable mattress turns the back of your car into a bed

Trash cans in Copenhagen are angled so that cyclists can throw their trash while cycling





This mirror has a heated part so it doesn’t steam up after a shower.

This restaurant has a toe opener for those who want to avoid germs on the doorknob.

This shopping cart has a calculator so you know how much you’re spending.

This bar has a frost strip so you can keep your drink cold.

This tire tells you when it’s time to change it.


LA Speed Check

‘Complete smoke-out’ in Bay Area darkens the daytime

David Blaine Goes Up 25,000 Feet Hanging Onto Helium Balloons


Duet on Ground and Air – Cheetah Platt and Erica Linz


How to check if your home will lose power during PG&E blackouts

Coronavirus cases across the US


Today I Learned

“TIL that in 1997 a poacher named Vladimir Markov shot and wounded a tiger and then stole a part of the tiger’s kill. The injured tiger staked out Markov’s cabin, waited 12-48 hours for Markov to come home and then proceeded to kill him and eat him.”

TIL. abbreviation for Today I Learned: used in writing, for example on social media, before giving interesting new information: TIL “Hey Jude” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” were both recorded using the same piano.

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