Covid-19 has certainly put the kibosh on any PBA meetings in the near future and the delay may last through the end of the year!

Fortunately, we have the weekly Farsider to maintain some contact, limited though it may be. With that in mind, I would like you to consider assisting in recruiting to the PBA. With plenty of time on our hands, will you consider appealing to your circle of retired friends, and especially those recently retired to join us?

Consider using this link as an enticement:

I appealed to The Insider editor who was amiable but was told he couldn’t include a link to “another outside website” in the department newsletter. Sounds like the word of a flunky somewhere up the chain!

So, we are on our own. You are one of almost 1000 on this mailing list, so if you recruit just one fellow retiree, we double our audience. 

I am sure there is interest out there in the retirement community. Go get’em!

Leroy & your BOD