Special Request

#1-When you get the chance, take a look at https://farsider-live.com/wp-admin/edit.php
It is interactive in that you can add comments to any article/item.

#2-Ernie gave me a list of Birthday Boyz and I thought it would be nice to have a picture of everyone for the Farsider. A headshot will do, but a family shot better. Or you with a couple of friends.  Getting drunk?

An excellent chance to show off to everyone how young you look! Or how good looking your kids are. Wife? If she’s still around make sure SHE picks out the picture!

So, if you forgot, I have included the list:

August Birthdays

Abram, Fred

Archie, Dan

Boyd, Pat

Brasil, Mario

Bui, Mike

Busch, Dennis

Byers, Dave

Campbell, John

Demers, Buck

Diehl, John (Deceased)

Dishman, Billy

Dulong, Dave

Esparza, Fred

Ewing, Don

Fanucchi, Roscoe

Galios, Chris

Gay, Brian

Hahn, Chuck

Hazen, Skip

Hernandez, Ernie

Holser, George

Johnson, Craig

Johnson, Gary

Katz, Dan

Kinsworthy, Lloyd

Kurz, Eric

Lane, Andy

Martinez, Karen

Mello, Steve

Norton, Phil (Deceased)

Pitts, Phil

Priddy, Loren

Reeves, Curt

Rendler, Bill

Roberson, Mike

Rose, Wendell (Deceased)

Roy, Charlie (Deceased)

Sanfilippo, Roy (Deceased)

Scanlan, Pete

Smith, B.T.

Smith, Lew (Deceased)

Tokiwa, Robin

Tozer, Dave

Tuminia, Pete

Wall, Chuck

Wiley, Bruce

Wilson, Lee (Deceased)

Wilson, Stan

Windisch, Steve Sr.