Officer Michael Katherman’s 4th
End of Watch Fundraiser
All funds raised will go directly to
San Jose Police Chaplaincy
For Mike’s End of Watch his sons Josh and Jason have created a shirt to sell that honors their dad as a police officer, as well as the love of basketball they share. The boys will be donating 100% of the proceeds from all shirt sales to an organization their dad not only loved, but also served on the board of, The San Jose Police Chaplaincy Program.
If you can, wear your new Officer Katherman attire on his End of Watch, June 14th

May 6, 2020

From the President:

Hope you all are faring well during the current stay-at-home phase.  Unfortunately, there will be no membership meeting this month.  Hopefully things will open up in June to the extend that the POA Hall will be open to accept the 60 plus members that attend on average.  We will keep you posted.

It appears that some members may have been unsubscribed from the Farsider email rolls.  The link for the site and to subscribe is https://sjpba.net.  Please provide to any member you may know who has not been receiving the newsletter or would like to get it on-line.

Lastly, Mike Amaral contacted me and offered to host an on-line get together via ZOOM.  You may respond on the Farsider comment section if you are interested or email me at uunoo2104@gmail.com so I can tell Mike if the interest is there.

Please take of yourselves and your families as we move through this pandemic. 

Ernie Alcantar,

PBA PresidentAir Support Unit Circa 1997 / 1998 A vintage picture of the SJPD Air Support Unit. Desmond Casey, Larry Ellsworth, Mike McIntyre, Jeff Kozlowsky, Dave Alvarez, Mike Sullivan, me, Dave Tozer, John Quayle, Tom Navin, Ed Talley, Gary Hirata, with NOTAR Helicopter N904PD and Cessna 172 N65892 in the background. Sadly two of the people pictured here are no longer with us, Desmond Casey and Dave Alvarez, Rest in Peace Gentlemen.

Articles courtesy of Ivan Comelli’s webpage VINTAGE SAN JOSE POLICE. See HERE

Vintage photo of Dave Pollock and Deputy Chief Don

Thanks Jim for bringing him more to light. A nice guy and just another quality person who worked with us. And so quiet about those remarkable events. Makes me glad mI joined the PD to get to know him.
Brilliant man…
Harry, did you know that some of those SDS shitheads became teachers and professors at SJS? I still have some San Jose Mecury pics of a fight at McQuarrie. That was when Mike Zanoni got hurt.
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