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Our primary objective is to provide San Jose PD retirees, as well as SJPD personnel with a weekly update on member status, health issues, and what might be current news related to the city and police department.


The San Jose Police Officers’ Association’s mission has evolved since its founding in 1962 as a professional association to that of a full-fledged labor organization. The POA is charged with the enhancement of wages, benefits and working conditions of the over 1100 men and women of the San Jose Police Department (SJPD).


The Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is a fraternal/social organization dedicated to the history and memory of the SJPD. With a membership of a credible 330, it enjoys a close relationship with the SJPD Historical Society and the SJPD Police Chaplaincy Program. The group fosters camaraderie and remembrances of the SJPD as it was when it was served by the members of the PBA, 95 percent of whom are retired.


The San Jose Police Historical Society was formed in 1992 by San Jose Police Captain Steve D’Arcy (retired) who saw a need and a desire to preserve the long and rich history of the police department. With the volunteer help of like-minded officers, volunteers, family members and other city employees the Historical Society was born.
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