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The Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is a fraternal/social organization dedicated to the history and memory of the SJPD. With a membership of a credible 330, it enjoys a close relationship with the SJPD Historical Society and the SJPD Police Chaplaincy Program. The group fosters camaraderie and remembrances of the SJPD as it was when it was served by the members of the PBA, 95 percent of whom are retired.

The PBA conducts a social hour and dinner on the third Wednesday of each month (with the exception of Dec.), followed by a short business meeting. The meeting is opened with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an invocation by the Police Chaplain, with particular remembrance to those recently departed -- be they members, spouses, relatives or friends. Also remembered are the ill and injured of our vast police family.

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A business meeting includes a brief agenda of new items, old or deferred items, a treasurer's report, and a report from anyone or any group whose interests can impact the membership.

An update on the health and welfare of our members is also reported, as well as organizational news from the Police & Fire Retirees Assn. and the Keith Kelly Club. Also covered are reports on negotiations, especially those that pertain to retirees.

Of particular interest to the membership is the Police Chaplaincy Program. Available 24/7, this service is of great importance and held in the highest respect of the membership. The functions of solace, comfort, caring and support are endeared to our group, and we take pride in our relationship with both the program and the chaplains.

The annual Valentine Day's Dinner Dance in February is a time set aside to honor our spouses or significant others and the contributions they make to our lives.

This would be an appropriate time to solicit from all members of our police family any and all police memorabilia you may wish to donate to the Historical Society. If, upon the passing of a loved one, the donation of any police-related items not needed or wanted by family members would be greatly appreciated by the Historical Society. Any donated item(s) will be displayed in honor of the deceased.

Membership to the PBA is open to all sworn members of the Police Dept., active or retired. Associate membership is open to all sworn officers of other agencies -- active or retired -- of any local, state or federal agency. Dues are $8.00 a month for retired SJPD personnel, $12.00 for active, and $12:00 per month for associate members. To join, simply show up on the third Wednesday of the month at the POA Hall after 5:00 p.m. and complete an application. Remember, we were and still are "Comrades in Arms."

Membership in the PBA has reached 330. Subscribers to the Farsider currently number about 650, although that number includes non-sworn personnel and a limited number of individuals from allied law enforcement agencies.



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Steve Windisch, Jr.
Robert Moir
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Welcome to the Police Benevolent Association's web site. This step into cyberspace is possible through the efforts of Leroy Pyle and Bill Mattos. On behalf of the PBA Executive Board and the membership, I thank them. Our goal is to provide the membership with an "on-line" source for information and communication about the organization. The Historical, Chaplaincy and Farsider programs are the main staples of this web site. I hope this site promotes inter-active correspondence and information among all members of our organization. Your participation is welcomed.

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