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November 1
, 2012


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By the time we publish next week's Farsider the country should have a President-elect, providing the count isn't so close that the results will be delayed by a couple of days or more. This could be possible if power isn't restored to some of the swing states and ballots have to be hand-counted at some locations.

We are proposing a little exercise that will give you the opportunity to show how  politically astute you are at selecting a winner.

Send us an e-mail and tell us who you think will win the election —  AND — by how many electoral votes. Something quick and simple like "Obama by four," or "Romney by two." If you like long shots, you can even say it will be a draw with each contender receiving 269 electoral votes. (If that was to happen, of course, the House will vote to select the President and the Senate will vote to select the Vice President. Can you imagine an administration with Romney as the President and Joe Biden as his V-P?)

We will list in next week's Farsider the names of all of you who participates in this exercise along with your prognostications. There will be no prizes for the winner(s), just the satisfaction of showing everyone how savvy and/or lucky you are.

Click on this e-mail link to submit your guess and type "Election" on the subject line:



Oct. 31, 2012

Starting tomorrow, November 1, 2012, open enrollment will begin. Retirees have until November 30, 2012 to sign up or change medical plans. As most of you know, the City is trying to move police and fire retirees into a "high-deductible" plan. The City wants this plan to be the "free" plan that retirees get which would cause the retirees to pay for the Kaiser plan which is currently considered the "free" plan. It would also mean an increase in costs to retirees who have one of the Blue Shield plans.

We are obviously opposed to this and so is Fire. We are asking you NOT to do anything during the first two weeks of open enrollment. Please do not sign up for a plan or change plans. We will be getting the attorneys from POA, Fire and Police & Fire Retirees Association together within the week to discuss our options and the best course of action going forward.

Clicking on the link below should download a .pdf file of the Benefits Review Forum Agenda to your desktop which you will be able to open and view with a double-click of your mouse.


Jim Unland, POA President



Oct. 31st

The following is a quick update on several important upcoming items and updates on ongoing issues. Please read through these and make the member meeting if possible.   

The Association is presenting a Special Event for our November 8th meeting. We will be hosting representatives from Kaiser Hospital to explain our Medicare Health Plan and the Kaiser High Deductible Plan. The High Deductible Plan will have no monthly out of pocket expense to us, but the down side is the out of pocket  expense per visit along with the amount of money spent before your deductible is met is huge. This is a meeting you will want to attend.

The month of November will be very busy for the Association members.

1. We will have our officer's election at the General Meeting. The candidates are: President Jim Spence, VP of Police Mike Alford, VP of Fire Ray Storms, Secretary Jerry Boyer, and Treasurer Larry Samarron.

2. Health Care enrollment for all of us

3. Election of Retired Police Officer on the City Retirement Board. The sole candidate is Nick Muyo.

4. For our Police Officer retirees, the POA is having officer elections. President Jim Unland, who has been supporting retiree issues, is being challenged by Jon Baker. For candidates statements go to the POA website at

The September Benefit Review Forum meeting was a disappointment. All the members were supposed to receive the detailed health plan details for the November enrollment. Due to timing issues between the provider and city staff, the plans were not ready. I did receive some of the information from Carol Bermello of Retirement Services in early October. As of today, all of the Health Plan options, rates and details are available at the Retirement Services website at

At the October Retirement Board Meeting the Association had two issues on the agenda. Our attorney presented a request to the Board to have them disburse the SRBR monies which have been held by the City Council Ordinance. I spoke on behalf of the Association membership. I informed the Board that the Association understood the situation which the City Council had placed the Board, but that the excess SRBR funds were a benefit our members were entitled to. I informed them that the Association was going to continue to fight for the disbursement, even if it meant we would have to use the court system.

The second item on the agenda for the Association was the request for an update on our request to increase our membership dues. The Board asked questions of staff about the delay in implementing the request and listened to my presentation on the Association's understanding of the mechanics of the process. In the end, the Association agreed with the Board's recommendation to accept the re-enrollment letter written by Retirement Services. The Board voted to split the costs of this membership re-enrollment with the Association. Thanks to the Board for assisting the Association to move ahead with our membership dues.

I'll keep you updated on all of these items as we know more information.

Jim Spence, President



Looks like City Councilmember Rose Herrera who is running for re-election may have a little mud on her face. No, wait. Not hers. It's her husband (or live-in companion) who appears to have been caught stealing and destroying campaign signs of Herrera's opponent, Jimmy Nguyen. Here's the story as it was reported in yesterday's paper...

Strange Twist in Council Contest

—Herrera’s husband says he was assaulted after removing signs—

By Tracy Seipel <tseipel@mercurynews.com>
Mercury News — Oct. 31, 2012

SAN JOSE — An increasingly hostile race between incumbent District 8 City Councilwoman Rose Herrera and challenger Jimmy Nguyen took a bizarre twist Tuesday with dueling accusations of campaign sign theft and assault.

Nguyen’s supporters released a videotape of Herrera’s husband that they say shows him taking a Nguyen campaign sign and later preparing to dump that sign and others in a public garbage can.

Software engineer Matt Wahlin, 58, admits he did remove some Nguyen signs, which he said someone repeatedly placed on the couple’s front lawn in recent days. He said he also removed signs that had been on public property in the area, which he said is a violation of city rules.

But Wahlin said he was attacked Monday night as he was about to throw the signs away in a garbage bin, located in a small park less than a mile from the home he shares with Herrera.

“I was going around the corner, and I was blindsided and knocked to the ground by at least one person,” Wahlin told reporters late Tuesday morning from his living room. As he stood up after the attack, he said, two suspects shined a bright light and camera in his face.

Wahlin showed reporters scrapes and bruises on his face, hands and left knee that he said he suffered as a result of the confrontation. He filed a police report Tuesday against his unknown assailants.

Political consultant Dustin DeRollo, who provided the videotape, said neither he nor a Nguyen supporter touched Wahlin.

“There’s no excuse for stealing signs of a political opponent, and this win-at-all costs mentality is not healthy for our community,” DeRollo said.

DeRollo and colleague Tom Saggau are the strategists behind a well-funded government employee union campaign to defeat Herrera.

Unions are furious at Herrera for supporting pension reform, which voters passed overwhelmingly in June. They are suing the city to try to block it from taking effect.

DeRollo told reporters that after he and Saggau last week received reports of Nguyen signs being stolen, and others found some that were cut up and stuffed into two garbage cans near the tiny park, they decided to watch the area late Sunday and late Monday nights.

The partners showed reporters a video of what appears to be Wahlin as he parks his car, walks across the street, takes a Nguyen sign from public property and leaves Sunday night.

A second video, taken Monday night, shows what appears to be a surprised Wahlin confronted by De-Rollo and Duc Lam, who were waiting near the garbage can.

They said Wahlin was carrying cut-up Nguyen signs. Meanwhile, the angry and stunned Wahlin demands to know who they are and tells them to get away from him, holding something in his hand before the two men flee.

“I was scared, and I wanted these guys to get away from me,” Wahlin said. “This is just an attempt to create one more distraction from really comparing the candidates.”

Two years ago, Saggau was involved in a similar “gotcha” moment after confronting City Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio for removing a campaign a sign that opposed Measure V, a contentious San Jose ballot measure to limit police and firefighter pay and pension, which Oliverio supported.

Wahlin said he didn’t throw the signs into his own garbage cans because he was worried someone might see them and accuse him of stealing them. Asked why he didn’t report the illegal signs to the city’s Code Enforcement department, Wahlin said he didn’t think it would be acted on before next week’s election.

“It’s outrageous. I don’t think there is any place for an assault against any candidate or a family member,” Herrera said.

Nguyen could not be reached for comment, but his campaign consultant, Rich Robinson, said the release of the video had nothing at all to do with the Nguyen campaign.

In a related matter, the San Jose Elections Commission on Tuesday night convened a special meeting to consider a complaint by a former San Jose police officer accusing Nguyen’s campaign of colluding with an independent committee linked to the San Jose Police Officers’ Association, which is seeking to defeat Herrera.

But an evaluation by the commission’s investigator, an attorney with the San Francisco law firm of Hanson Bridgett, determined that the complaint by former police Officer Martin Monica related to POA communications director Kerry Hillis, who has taken a leave of absence from his job to volunteer on Nguyen’s campaign, does not include enough evidence to warrant an investigation by the commission.

The commission reviews complaints about alleged violations of city campaign, ethics and lobbying rules.

~ ~ ~

And this is how Mercury News columnist Scott Herhold views the campaign sign story, as he wrote in today's paper...

Political Folly Sidetracks Council Race

By Scott Herhold
Mercury News — Nov. 1, 2012

Not in three decades have we had a local political race quite as wacky as the battle between incumbent San Jose Councilwoman Rose Herrera and challenger Jimmy Nguyen in Evergreen District 8. So let’s parse and savor a once-in-a-generation folly. Keep in mind that there’s less here than meets the eye. In the last week of a heated campaign, people act strangely. In a nutshell, here’s the story: Herrera’s husband, Matt Wahlin, said he removed Nguyen lawn signs from his own yard and public property nearby. He dumped them in a public garbage receptacle in a park less than a mile away.

As he was about to put the cut-up Nguyen signs into the receptacle, he was surprised — aha! — by anti-Herrera political consultant Dustin De-Rollo, who filmed the action.

Wahlin, 58, came away with bruises and road rash on his face and hands. Although no one called 911 immediately, Wahlin has now filed an assault complaint with the cops. DeRollo says neither he nor a companion touched Herrera’s husband.

The take-away? This has all the signs of being a setup. The councilwoman and her husband have fallen for it.

No contrast

Instead of creating a contrast with the likable but inexperienced lawyer she’s opposing — Jimmy Nguyen — this race increasingly reveals Herrera’s thin skin.

The topic is reasonably silly. Political pros will tell you that lawn signs placed in public areas, like a median strip, have no impact. People get irritated at what they see as litter.

The signs do matter when they’re placed in a real person’s front yard. Water board candidate David Ginsborg, for instance, has profitably placed signs in a number of front yards in my neighborhood.

Although campaign signs on public property are technically illegal, Wahlin should have simply left them alone. Touching them is a political land mine.

(Wahlin has said the reason he did not call code enforcement was that nothing was likely to be done in the last week of a campaign. That’s true. But let it go). Not surprisingly, the story has a few gaps. In an early piece Tuesday on KPIX-TV, Herrera and Wahlin talked just about taking down signs on their own property, which can be legitimately removed. Later, it came out that Wahlin had taken more than that.

A distant receptacle

Then there was the strange bit about why Wahlin had to dump the Nguyen signs in a garbage can blocks from his house. Herrera’s husband said he didn’t want to be accused of stealing the signs, but this made him look more guilty.

Even if you interpret all these things in a way most favorable to Wahlin and Herrera, the whole story is a distraction for an incumbent who ought to win this race handily.

Yes, the public employee unions who have hired DeRollo are pouring an avalanche of money into defeating Herrera, whom they believe betrayed them on pension reform.

But in both this episode and in a piece that attacked a police union playbook, Herrera has made the mistake of defining the race as a councilwoman against cops or thugs.

That isn’t what this is about. It’s about an incumbent with a record — and a position on pension reform that was overwhelmingly approved by voters — against a naive newcomer.

It takes self-restraint to stick to that line. Herrera has not shown it.




Results from last week's poll...

For the most recent Rasmussen Reports releases, click here:



Oct. 25th


We are quickly approaching the time when all members should cast their ballot for POA officers. Voting will be by computer ONLY, from 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 6 through 9 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Jim Unland is running for President again and deserves our vote.

Please encourage all PBA members to vote (early and often - like they do in Chicago!).


(Wysuph) <dbw1696@aol.com>

Our illustrious PBA President didn't provide a voting link, so we can only assume that it will be available on the SJPOA website at

• • • • •


Oct. 26th


This clip from a Fox New interview last week reveals the very human side of the outrage in Libya. I'm sure your readers will be moved by the words of the father of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods who was killed in the Benghazi attack.


Bob Gummow <boca2@roadrunner.com>

Readers should be moved. Those who are interested in the truth should also be outraged that the mainstream media has decided it is not in President Obama's interest to report what is now known about the Benghazi tragedy based on testimony from personnel who were on the ground during the attack on the consulate and the second attack that occurred several hours later at the CIA annex about a mile away.


• • • • •


Oct. 28th


This definitely passes the "smell" test regarding Benghazi. Now we'll see if the mainstream media lets the truth out before the election.



Take care,


Clicking on the link under the photo will take you to an article with an embedded video that may take a moment or two to load.

• • • • •


Oct. 28th


I recall in previous conversations with you that you are enrolled in Kaiser Senior Advantage and that you were happy with it. I am not yet 65, but approaching at the speed of light. Carol and I have been with Kaiser since 1969 and have been very satisfied. Both our kids were born at Kaiser, and my Dad passed away at Kaiser after heroic efforts by their staff to keep him alive; we had to say "no more." My Mom is currently on Kaiser Senior Advantage.

Anyway, I respect your opinion and wonder what are your thoughts about Kaiser Senior Advantage? The City's costs drop, I think. Do yours/ours? How about co-pays and the infamous donut hole? Any land mines with Kaiser Senior Advantage?

Thanks in advance.
Craig (Shuey)

I can only speak as a single (no family coverage), Craig. Beyond the nearly $100 that is deducted from my Social Security check each month for Medicare (mandatory when you turn 65), virtually nothing has changed for beyond the increase the less expensive Kaiser plan the City put us on last year. This new plan increased my drug co-pay from $5 per 90-day prescription to $10; office visits jumped from zero to $25; and hospital admissions that also used to cost nothing went up to $250 if an overnight stay or longer is required.

My retirement check pay stub shows zero being taken out for my Kaiser coverage while the Insurance Subsidy column (what the City pays) is $246.58 per month.

Bottom line: Nothing has changed for me under Kaiser's Senior Advantage plan other than the additional cost of the co-pays that resulted from the City having placed us in a less expensive plan..

Readers are encouraged to write in and share their thoughts on this subject. And it doesn't have to be only about Kaiser. If you have a question about your health coverage regardless of the plan you are on, send it in. Odds are another reader can answer it.

Personally, I can't speak highly enough about Kaiser. The latest (Nov.) edition of Consumer Reports rated Kaiser as the top health plan in the nation. I have my own internist, dermatologist, cardiologist, urologist and other specialists. Once you are referred to a specialist by your internist, you have the option of keeping him or her on your case if you choose. It goes without saying that had I taken better care of myself when I was younger I probably wouldn't need as many doctors to help keep me off the obit pages. C'est la vie.


• • • • •


Oct. 29th


This is exceptional. I wish everybody, whatever their political leanings might be, could listen to this man's crisp, clear perspective on our government's roots and its current path. Daniel Hannan is not a citizen of the U.S., but he has strong ties to us that he explains. Skip to around the 9 minute mark if you're short on time because right around there he starts getting specific to our concerns. This is far from being a rant. Instead, it's a very calm, clear, well reasoned analysis of our situation that comes from a historical perspective.


Les Nunes <chevyles@yahoo.com>

Ed. — Daniel Hannan is a conservative British journalist, author and politician who is a member of the European Parliament. I've been a fan of his since he began appearing as a guest on Fox News and other networks a couple of years ago. Click on the link below for more on the British politician...



• • • • •


Oct. 30th


My e-mail is a bit long as I had the week off work to stew on this cover-up and lack of coverage.

On 9/11/12 we are told a “Movie Protest” turned into an attack against our Benghazi Consulate killing Ambassador Stevens, Ty Woods, Glenn Dougerty, and Sean Smith.

I think these videos from 10/21 and 10/25 sums up the problem pretty well, and they only address the Movie Protest lie.



Finally, the question gets asked by NBC on the 29th...


Please strap on your tin-foil helmet and let’s take the “I smell a rat” tour.

The Commander of AFRICOM, Gen. Carter Ham, who was responsible for the Embassy Rapid Response Teams may have been relieved of immediate command because he was unwilling to "stand down" when told to do so. If true, this serious command change during the crisis was not addressed in Panetta’s press conference.


An interesting 9/11 Benghazi timeline built from attributed source reports:


Love Limbaugh or hate him, this caller on his show speaks about the mechanics of diplomatic security breach monitoring and response protocols.


The guy below who is called “th3j35ter” (The Jester) makes Interesting observations at the link below that you will not see anywhere else It includes a YouTube video of the US Embassy in Cairo that will make you think hard about some past U.S. events and the possible links among groups like Wikileaks, Anonymous, and Al Qaeda.


Mike Young <jecasmi@gmail.com>

Ed. — Mike is the son of retiree Sharon Lansdowne, who is married to San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne. The Young family is living in the Middle East, where Mike is working for a private contractor.

An item below addresses the issue or question about AFRICOM Gen. Carter Ham being relieved of duty on the premise that he wanted to send military help to Benghazi.


• • • • •


Oct. 31st


This should send a message to Obama about how the military feels about him, not that he would care.


The body of Paul's e-mail included a list of Generals and Admirals who have endorsed Obama and Romney. It's far too long to include here, but we found a Website showing the same list...


While we were searching Google for the endorsement list, we also found a site showing which Hollywood celebrities have endorsed the two presidential contenders...




We received several e-mails this week with links to various sites alleging that AFRICOM Commander Gen. Carter Ham has been relieved of duty for wanting to send help to Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans who lost their lives in the Benghazi attack. Snopes, TruthOrFiction and the other urban legend websites are of no help on this issue. Like Fox News and other media organizations interested in the facts, it appears that all news outlets are being stonewalled by the White House. So are the allegations factual? A Google search shows several websites that speak to the issue. Below are three of many. Google his name and you will find several more links.

AFRICOM General Carter Ham
(Could he be the perfect whistle-blower?)






Hypothetical question: Suppose you have a son in the Army who is assigned to a recruiting office and he is shot and killed by an American youth who has been radicalized as an extreme Islamist after spending a year in Yemen. Should the youth be prosecuted by the state for the crime of murder, or should the Federal government prosecute him for murder as a terrorist? If you say it doesn't matter, consider this: If the Army recruiter is deemed to have died from an act of terrorism, he will be awarded the Purple Heart, which has certain benefits. If his killing is considered a simple act of murder, he would not be eligible for the medal and benefits.

The question is not unlike the Fort Hood shooting by Major Nidal Hasan in which he killed numerous military personnel after shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is great.) The Federal government classifies this case as "workplace violence," not an act of terrorism. So no Purple Hearts will be awarded to the families of the slain victims or the numerous personnel who were wounded in the shooting. Again, certain benefits come with the awarding of a Purple Heart.

We highly recommend you pour yourself a brewski or a glass of wine and watch the following film. It's a moving documentary about the recruiting office killing that is narrated by both the father of the victim and the father of the shooter.

After the film starts, adjust the YouTube setting to large or full screen.






The 2012 Keith Kelley Club’s Christmas Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday, December 8th, 2012 at the San Jose Holiday Inn, 1350 North First Street, San Jose, CA   95112. The Retiree Cocktail Party will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the San Jose Room. This will be a hosted bar to include hors d’oeuvres and music.

The general membership’s no host cocktail party is from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Dinner will be a dual entrée plate of filet mignon and salmon, salad, vegetables, dessert and coffee starting at 7:30 p.m. Dancing will take place in the main ballroom and the San Jose Room for all members.  

As a retired Keith Kelley Club member, you will attend as our guest. Retired members are entitled to purchase one guest ticket at $60. Checks are to be made to the Keith Kelley Club. If you will be attending, with or without a guest, complete the form below and mail it accordingly.

DINNER TICKETS -  Margie Thompson -
<sssq@aol.com> or call (408) 891-3760.
Margie will be handling the retirees' dinner ticket reservations. Follow the instructions in this letter to reserve your tickets. All reservations are due to her by Friday, November 30th.  

<vasquezted@yahoo.com> or call (408) 772-1909. To reserve a table you will need to have purchased your dinner tickets and have the names of the eight people who will be sitting with you. Contact Ted to reserve your table.
ROOM RESERVATIONS – San Jose Holiday Inn – (408) 453-6200
Rooms can be reserved at the San Jose Holiday Inn for $89 plus tax per night.  This includes a breakfast for two. Call (408) 453-6200 and mention the Keith Kelley Club to get your discounted rate.

PARKING - Parking is ample and free!  

Ed. — To print the form only, use your mouse to select the text, then right click and select Copy. Now open a blank document and right click the mouse again and select Paste. You can now print the form only.




CITY_______________________________    STATE__________   

ZIP CODE_____________   PHONE   (             ) ______________________  



Your dinner ticket(s) will be ready for pick-up on the night of the party. Mail this reservation form to:

Margie Thompson
116 Fox Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110



This is Bill's schedule for the next few weeks...

Pittsburgh at the New York Giants this Sunday (Nov. 4) at 1 p.m. local time
Buffalo at New England on Sunday, Nov. 11, at 10 a.m. local
Tampa Bay at Carolina on Sunday, Nov. 18, at 10 a.m. local
Washington at Dallas on Thanksgiving Day



JoeMac is having a book signing for his latest novel, "Love and Death in Silicon Valley" at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 7th at Kepler's Books, 1010 El Camino Real in Menlo Park. For more information that includes a brief synopsis of the story, click on the link below...




Submitted by Sgt. Lisa Gannon

Las Vegas, April 13-14, 2013:

About the event: 120-mile point-to-point relay race with 20 different legs. Legs vary in length from 3 to 10 miles. Each leg differs in terrain (hills vs. flat) and temperature (hot vs. cold) as we run through the night. San Jose PD has won the Mixed Division two years in a row! We take this event seriously and it is well-organized. If you are a runner, it is well worth your time and effort.  

Cost: Runners who are active PAAF members run free. Non-PAAF members will pay $100 each. All participants will arrange their own travel and accommodations.  

5-mile time trial: Will occur the last week of January on the Guadalupe Creek trail.  Don’t be intimidated by the words “time trial.” Please come out and run. I will use the results from the time trial to match runners up with a specific leg based on their strength and running ability.   

Team Composition: I need 20 sworn runners (5 of which MUST be female) and at least 2 male and 2 female alternates. Retired officers are welcome.

Volunteers: If you want to go and help the team, I have a job for you. You can drive a course shuttle van, the airport shuttle van or help with logistics. This is a great way to be a part of the event and see why it is the largest law-enforcement event of its kind.   

Fund raising: The team needs about $3700 to pay for race-related expenses. PAAF has paid the entry fee this year and is our major sponsor, but we still need to raise funds to pay for van rentals, insurance, gas, team dinner, T-shirts and sweatshirts.  My goal is to have all of these expenses covered so runners and volunteers just need to book their travel and show up. Please call me if you have any community connections or fund-raising ideas.

Contact: Lisa Gannon #3164 (Team Captain) if you have any questions or you are interested in running or volunteering! Chacha Ramon is the Co-Captain this year, and she is always happy to talk about the race. Call her at(408-821-6911).



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Strong language warning; discretion is advised: Here is a classy campaign ad that liberal film maker Michael Moore helped produce and had posted on the MoveOn.org website. Have a listen. Or not. (2 Mins.)


For confirmation, this is the link to the MoveOn.org website page for Michael Moore...


• • • • •

Are you curious as to who has a polling advantage in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is often referred to as a "must-have" state? Here is a presidential poll sponsored by a major Cincinnati newspaper that could give you a clue. Five to ten seconds after you submit your answers, you will see a graphic of the ongoing results...


• • • • •

Since Lance Armstrong is persona non grata in the world of professional cycling and may be looking for work, we suggest he apply for this job as a human-powered helicopter test pilot. (6 Mins.)


• • • • •

This video clip sent in by Bob Moir is not for the faint of heart. It's a compilation of mostly European dash cam footage from close calls to what are no doubt fatal traffic accidents and everything in between. The underlying message is Slow Down and Live. Discretion is advised. (6 Mins.)


• • • • •

Speaking of traffic accidents, Stan Miller may have it right. This could very well be the luckiest truck driver in Russia. (1 Min.)


• • • • •

Someone upstairs seems to be looking after old people if one is to believe this half-minute video we received from Bruce Morton. (34 Secs.)


• • • • •

How good is your memory? We included this Hitchcock-like video clip in the Farsider in July 2011, but Don Hale is willing to wager you forgot how it ended. Any takers? (5 Mins.)


• • • • •

Although it only runs a half-minute, former San Jose cop-turned-Secret Service agent Ken Banner says this is one of the best car repair TV ads he's seen. (34 Secs.)


• • • • •

Planning to attend one or more black-tie affairs this holiday season? If so, this clip from Phil Norton will show you how easy it is to tie your own bow tie. (1 Min.)

(Note to Phil: If Leroy and I are pushed into attending a formal event and can't get by wearing a boo tie, we ain't going.)


• • • • •

There were not a lot of stories about the Vietnam war that had a happy ending. This one sent in by Don Hale is an exception to the rule. If you will take a few minutes and listen to this Brigadier General tell one about the rescue mission of a downed airman, you might be inclined to compare it to the Benghazi attack. We did. (8 Mins.)


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Pic of the Week

God bless 'em...

Soldiers Guard the Tomb of the Unknowns during Hurricane Sandy


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