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Nothing as of press time today (7 a.m. Oct. 18th)


All is quiet on the Western Front.



Oct. 15th


I don’t claim to know much about Polygraph exams, but it seems to me that the much talked about polygraph examination that was given to Kavanaugh’s accuser (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford) should have been comprised of more than just two questions. That was all she had to answer according to the former examiner who conducted the exam. Like last week, please withhold my name if you decide to include this. Thanks.

(Name withheld)

I agree. Perhaps my opinion has been influenced by the polygraph exams I’ve seen in movies and on TV. If Sgt. Rex Newburn was still with us, we could ask him his opinion. Sadly, he’s not. Click HERE to listen to Ford’s polygraph examiner explain why he only asked two questions.

• • • • •

Oct. 16th


As a regular reader of the Farsider, I noticed that you seem to think highly of Victor Davis Hanson’s opinions since you have included some of his columns in the past. If you missed his appearance on the Tucker Carlson show the other night, you might want to play the video below and listen to Hanson explain what he thinks has gone wrong in California that makes it what it is today. Love the Farsider. Hope you and Leroy keep up the good work!


I often tune in to Tucker Carlson, TP,  but I missed the segment you sent in. After watching it, I can say that I completely agree with Hanson’s assessment, as I normally do. For you readers, the interview can be seen by clicking HERE. (4:15)

• • • • •

Oct. 16th


This is what our baseball team looked like after the Chief made a statement about his team being able to beat us as if we were all girls. Do you recognize any of these ladies? (L-R) Dave Harrison: Bob Gisbuurne: Russ Royal; Jim Silvers; Mike Thompson; and Dave Painchaud.

(Silvers) <>

As much as I hate to admit it, “Big Red” Thompson (second from the right) isn't lookin’ all that bad! Are he and Karen still together?

Jim also sent in the pic below and wants to know…


(Remember, you guys promised the check would go in the mail immediately!)

(L-R) Dan Valcazar; Mark Bell; Rich Bailey; Rodger Cripe; Mike Alford; Gary Madison; and Phil Alfano.


—Memorial for Desmond is next Thursday, Oct. 25th—

—Memorial for Jeffrey is a week from this coming Sunday, Oct. 28th—




Oct. 9th

Reminder: Fire Museum Open House


This is a final reminder that the San Jose Fire Museum's Open House at Old Fire Station
One will take place this Saturday, October 20, from 9 AM to 3 PM. All retirees are invited.


Following Violent Rallies, Portland Mayor Announces Plans to Restrict Protests

By Christopher Berg — Blue Lives Matter — Oct. 14, 2018

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says that a new city
ordinance will put him in charge of protests.

Portland, OR — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced a newly proposed city ordinance on Monday that would allow the police commissioner to tell protesters when, how, and where to protest.

Mayor Wheeler is the Portland police commissioner.

The announcement comes following a history of violent street brawls between Antifa and Patriot Prayer.

Antifa is an authoritarian fringe-left group of people who generally aren't centrally organized. However, Portland is home to Rose City Antifa, which is a centrally organized group.

Antifa has a history of declaring anybody outside of the far left to be a "fascist,” and they believe that violence against fascists is justified as preemptive self defense.

Patriot Prayer is a far-right group that exists primarily to antagonize Antifa. They organize right-wing rallies with the intent to provoke Antifa to react violently to their presence. Patriot Prayer can then respond to attacks with violence justified as self-defense, and then point to Antifa as the start of the violence.

Antifa are largely unaware or in denial that they are being manipulated by Patriot Prayer.

Local reporter Mike Bivins captured video of a fight between the two groups which broke out at a Patriot Prayer rally over the weekend:

(Click on the link at the bottom to view the videos.)

Patriot Prayer members have been bringing guns to rallies, and many believe it's inevitable that one day they will use firearms in response to an attack from Antifa.

While announcing the new ordinance on Monday, Mayor Wheeler stated that police had located Patriot-Prayer-Aligned people with a cache of weapons on a rooftop overlooking a rally on Aug. 4. Police responded by taking possession of the weapons and returning them to their owners later.

According to the newly proposed ordinance, restrictions will be placed on protests in the following situations:

• Two or more groups plan to demonstrate on the same day and there is a history of violence between the groups, or…

• There is a threat to the safety of participants and bystanders, interference with the ability to access public property, or the disruption of public services, or…

• There is a substantial likelihood of violence at the planned demonstrations based on the conduct of the group or information gathered in advance of the event.

The mayor can then place restrictions on the protesters:

• Regulating the time and length of the event.

• Directing that the demonstration and counter-demonstration be located or moved to locations that do not create a substantial risk to public safety, obstruct traffic, or interfere with previously scheduled activities.

• Restrict the location of groups to areas that do not threaten public safety.

The rules for each event are supposed to be announced in advance of the planned protests.

Anybody violating the rules created by Mayor Wheeler would be committing a misdemeanor. The mayor says that the 9th Circuit has upheld such ordinances before as constitutional.

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned approximately 79 percent of the cases it has taken from the 9th Circuit.

It's not clear if the Portland Police Bureau will actually enforce this law against Antifa when Patriot Prayer isn't around, as the department REFUSED TO INTERVENE AS ANTIFA THREATENED MOTORISTS ONE WEEK AGO.

Click HERE then scroll down for two videos and the readers’ comments about this article.


County Rejects $1.4M To Cooperate With Feds, Sheriff Says He'll Do It Anyway

By Tom Gannett — Blue Lives Matter — Oct. 14, 2018

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier calls county decision
to reject $1.4M in federal funds 'really unthinkable'

Tuscon, AZ – An Arizona county board rejected $1.4 million in federal funds that it had received for more than a decade to help cover the costs of securing the border because it would require cooperation with federal authorities under the Trump administration.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 on Oct. 9 to terminate the contract, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The federal money covers the costs of overtime, mileage and equipment for the sheriff’s department and encourages collaboration between the county and federal agencies, according to the ARIZONA DAILY STAR.

The federal dollars come from a program known as Operation Stonegarden.

The Arizona Daily Star reported a public outcry over the sheriff’s department being linked to the separation of families at the border and children being taken to immigration detention facilities across the country.

County Supervisor Ramon Valadez blamed President Trump’s administration for the destruction of confidence in local law enforcement and said the President’s “aggressive actions” toward immigration was the reason for the mistrust, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

County Supervisors Sharon Bronson and Richard Elias also voted to terminate the contract. County Supervisor Ally Miller did not attend the meeting.

The three county supervisors who voted to reject the money are all Democrats.

County Supervisor Steve Christy was the only one to vote to keep the federal dollars. Christy said a small group of activists was dominating the debate.

“You do not represent the total feelings or desires of Pima County residents or even come close to representing a majority of our citizens,” Christy said to the audience, according to the Arizona Daily Star. “How many different ways does (Pima County) Sheriff (Mark) Napier and other law enforcement agencies have to affirm that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department does not and will not enforce federal immigration laws?”

Sheriff Napier said he was deeply disappointed by the vote, according to the Arizona Daily Star. Sheriff Napier said he may have to close remote officers without the federal money.

Sheriff Napier said on FOX & FRIENDS the county board’s rejection of the $1.4 million was “really unthinkable.”

"I still fully intend to cooperate with our federal partners, we have a great relationship," Sheriff Napier said, according to Fox News. "To turn your nose up at this funding is just really unthinkable.”

Sheriff Napier said that one of the county supervisors said what changed over the last 12 years the county has accepted the money was “Washington, D.C.”

"If we've accepted this grant money for the last 12 years, and nothing has fundamentally changed about the grant, what has changed?" he asked, according to Fox News. "The only answer is the current presidential administration."

Click HERE then scroll down to review the readers’ comments about this story.


Bay Area TV ‘Staple' says Grass is Greener After Moving to Phoenix

By Michelle Robertson — SF Gate (Chronicle) — Oct. 15, 2018

Stanley Roberts, formerly of KRON4, recently
told SFGATE about his new life in Phoenix.

A change in scenery hasn't stopped Stanley Roberts from finding bad behavior, he just can't call it "bad" or "behavior."

The former host of KRON4's "People Behaving Badly" segment left the Bay Area last month for Phoenix. The Bay Area, he said, had become too expensive.

Roberts took the basis for his segment — filming folks doing illegal or otherwise socially unacceptable things — to KPHO-5, a Meredith-owned CBS affiliate that covers a handful of cities around Phoenix. The people of Phoenix are prone to outlawed antics just as much as Bay Area folks, he said, they just have 500 sq. miles in which to bend the rules. Needless to say, Roberts has been busy.

A tiff with KRON4 means Roberts can't use his signature "People Behaving Badly" title on his new segment (Roberts said it's a case of "sour grapes" between him and the network). The name of the new segment is still in the works; the catching of wrongdoers has already begun. Roberts' first segment, to air later this month, will feature a crackdown on people with outstanding warrants on public transit.

"I'm working on illegal dumping, as usual. They ask people not to cross the light rail tracks — you get a fine — so I'm showing how many people are doing that. I'm looking at the canals; some of them are polluted with shopping carts," Roberts said, ticking off his forthcoming projects.

A few hours after our phone interview, Roberts emailed me a list of a few other things he likes about Phoenix, quoted below:

• Ample parking
• No human feces on the street
• Gas prices
• Housing cost is much lower
• No rash of auto break-ins
• Almost all the same stores as in the Bay Area

What Phoenix lacks, Roberts said, is his following of Bay Area friends and fans. He misses people in pointing at him in public and saying, "Oh, you're that guy!"

This could happen in Phoenix soon enough.

Or "I could be rejected," he said. "They did that at first in the Bay Area, then I became, as they say, a staple."

Roberts said he still gets dozen of messages from the Bay Area asking him to investigate neighborhood wrongdoers. On a recent return trip to Northern California for a wedding, he said a half-dozen people asked to take a photo with him.

"The Bay Area has not abandoned me," he said resolutely.

There is the possibility he'll move back when his contract with KPHO is up in three years, though he'd probably need a GoFundMe payout of a million dollars, he said.

Before then, he wants to figure out why so many people he's met in Phoenix move there and stay. "Are they being held hostage?" he joked. "I don't see that. For some reason they love it here. I want to know why."

In the meantime, Roberts said he carries a piece of the Bay Area with him at his new office.

"My desk is three times bigger than the desk I had in the Bay, and guess what I get to do?" he said. "I get to hang pictures on the wall, my Emmy certificates, congressional recognitions, awards from police agencies. They remind me of the Bay."

"That's where it started. It'll always be home."

Click HERE then scroll down to review the readers’ comments.


The Cow from Minsk

Received from Tom Kalinske

The only cow in a small town in Ukraine stopped giving milk. The people did some research and found that they could buy a cow from Moscow for 2,000 rubles, or one from Minsk for 500 rubles. Being frugal, they bought the cow from Minsk.

The cow was wonderful. It produced lots of milk all the time, and the people were amazed and very happy. They decided to acquire a bull to mate with the cow and produce more cows like it. Then they would never have to worry about the milk supply again.

They bought a bull and put it in the pasture with their beloved cow.  However, whenever the bull came close to the cow, the cow would move away. No matter what approach the bull tried, the cow would move away from the bull and he could not succeed in his quest.  The people were very upset and decided to ask their wise Rabbi what to do.

They explained to the Rabbi that, "Whenever the bull approaches our cow, she moves away. If he approaches from the back, she moves forward. When he approaches her from the front, she backs off. An approach from the side and she just walks away to the other side."

The Rabbi pondered this for a while and asked, "Did you buy this cow from Minsk?"

The people were amazed and dumbfounded since they had never mentioned where they got the cow from.

"You are truly a wise Rabbi," they said. "How did you know we got the cow from Minsk?"

The Rabbi answered sadly, "My wife comes from Minsk."

• • • • •


Phyllis Diller’s Dillerisms

Received from Joe Suske

Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age. As your beauty fades, so will his eyesight.
Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance?
Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.
The reason women don't play football is that 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public.
Best way to get rid of kitchen odors: Eat out.
A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once.

I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them.

Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.
Any time three New Yorkers get into a cab without an argument, a bank has just been robbed.
We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve years telling them to sit down and shut up.
Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room.
What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.
The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron.

His finest hour lasted a minute and a half.
Old age is when the liver spots show through your gloves.
My photographs don't do me justice -they just look like me.
I admit I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives forty miles away.
Tranquilizers work only if you follow the advice on the bottle keep away from children.
I asked the waiter, 'Is this milk fresh?' He said, 'Lady, three hours ago it was grass.'
The reason the golf pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing.
You know you're old if they have discontinued your blood type.


Favorite Off Duty CCW Weapon for Self-Defense

From the Archives

My personal favorite defense gun has always been a Beretta Jetfire .22 short. Over all the years I've been hiking I never leave without it in my pocket. It’s so small you hardly know it’s there.

We all know, of course, that the first rule when hiking in the wilderness is to use the "Buddy System." In other words, never hike alone. Instead, I always bring a friend or companion along so if something bad happens there is someone to go for help.

I recall one occasion when I was hiking in the forest with a buddy when out of nowhere came a huge brown bear. We were probably close to one of her cubs because she seemed especially angry.

To make a long story short, I probably wouldn't be writing this today if I hadn't had my Jetfire .22 short. Just one shot to my buddy's kneecap and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace.

• • • • •


The Grandson of a Cop

From the Archives

Last week my wife and I took our 6-year-old grandson to a restaurant, where he asked if he could say grace.

As we bowed our heads he said, "God is good, God is great. Thank you for the food we are about to receive. And I would thank you even more if Grandpa gets us ice cream for dessert. Amen!"

Along with the laughter from some nearby customers, I heard a woman remark, "That's what's wrong with this country. Kids today don't even know how to pray. Asking God for ice cream? How ridiculous!"

Hearing this, my grandson burst into tears and asked, "Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?"

As I held him and assured him that he had done a terrific job, and that God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly gentleman approached the table. He winked at my grandson and said, "I happen to know that God thought that was a great prayer."

"Really?" my grandson asked.

"Cross my heart," the man replied.

Then, in a theatrical whisper, he pointed to the woman and added, "Too bad she never asks God for ice cream. Sometimes a little ice cream is good for the soul."

I, of course, bought my grandson a dish of ice cream at the end of the meal. He stared at it for a moment, then did something I will remember the rest of my life.

He picked up his ice cream sundae and, without a word, walked over and placed it in front of the woman. Then, with a big smile he told her, "Here, this is for you. Shove it up your ass you grouchy old bitch!"


No new monologues since Sept. 28, which were in THIS Oct. 4th Farsider.

But we did find this...



Click HERE for what’s new.


• • • • •

To kick off this column, Gary Johnson says he is looking for a local auto supply store that sells THIS new car horn that is guaranteed to clear the road ahead of slow pedestrians. (0:20)

We invited Kitty Flanagan back again this week to promote her new book. After poo-pooing a book already in the bookstores titled “12 Rules for Life,” Kitty’s wrote one titled “Kitty Flanagan’s 488 Rules for Life.” THIS is why you should buy her book and skip the other one. (5:27)

• • • • •

Here is an intriguing clip received from Alice Murphy. It’s about a community in Turkey where the people whistle to communicate. I can’t help but wonder if I may have inadvertently said something profane with all the whistling I’ve done in my 70+ years! No matter since I don’t know any native Turks. Click HERE and see if you recognize any of the words. (2:08)

• • • • •

What red-blooded America male in his teens or early 20s back in the ’60s and ’70s wasn’t in love with Mary Tyler Moore? (1936-2017) An interesting fact about Mary was than she was a dancer long before her talent as a comedian and actress was recognize and she became one of America’s sweethearts. THIS is a short clip that shows how she could heat up a rug. (1:37)

Mary was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes early in the run of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She also suffered from alcoholism, which she wrote about in her first of two memoirs. She died from cardiopulmonary arrest due to pneumonia at the age of 80 on January 25, 2017.


Click HERE for what is arguably the funniest segment from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It's from the episode titled “Laugh for Chuckles.” (4:29)


• • • • •

This item is for you ladies who thought it would be cool to get a lower back tattoo when you were young, not realizing at the time that the embedded ink would eventually fade and warp as a result of the aging process. Should you have one and want it removed, this over-the-counter product is an alternative to expensive laser treatments. It may take a few moments to load, so be patient after clicking HERE. (1:28)

• • • • •

Another star is born as a result of this week’s first Lip Sync Challenge which takes us to the NAPERVILLE (IL) PD. It features great personalities and an excellent variety of songs. (5:19) Four stars ****

~ ~ ~


NEW SMYRNA BEACH (FL) PD is next up with “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” a song used by several other agencies in this Lip Sync Challenge, and these cops performed it as well as any other. (4:56) Three stars ***


~ ~ ~

The RAPID CITY (SD) PD had several children join the uniformed personnel in its challenge. We tried to count the smiles on their faces but they came so fast and plentiful that it was impossible. Have a look. (3:51) Three stars ***

~ ~ ~

Our fourth chosen agency this week is the CLINTON TOWNSHIP (NJ) PD. The boss in the white shirt told his troops he wanted to do something different than the other participating agencies, and while they went outside the department and into the community instead of providing a tour of their facility, they also chose “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” (4:09) Four stars ****

~ ~ ~

We have four comments about this week’s final entry, the MECKLENBURG COUNTY (NC) S/O. 1: The Sheriff had a ton of fun participating in this challenge; 2: The variety of music was chosen well. 3: The video was exceptionally well edited and  choreographed. And 4: It’s pretty obvious that the sheriff’s personnel ate well. (5:38) Five stars *****

• • • • •

If you flew on Southwest Airlines prior to 2016, it’s conceivable that you flew on the Boeing 737 that was the subject of this story, as told by The History Guy. It is THIS week’s installment of a brief moment in history that deserves to be remembered. (11:20)

• • • • •

This week’s mishap in the sky by Allec Joshua Ibay is about an AIR NEW ZEALAND DC-10 that was on a sightseeing tour of Antarctica with 237 passengers and 20 crew members on board. (6:48)

• • • • •

Eldad from Hope for Paws was assisted in this rescue of a homeless Pit Bull by Shannon von Roemer from Bark N’ Bitches. They named the gentle dog “DANNY” and started him on a new life off the streets. (4:37)

~ ~ ~

Vanessa Enriquez volunteered to assist Eldad in this rescue of two Poodles that were struggling to survive in a sewer under the I-5 freeway. While getting checked out and groomed at the vet they named the two dogs “PEPSI” and “COLA.” (7:16)

~ ~ ~

This rescue is about a senior dog that had been dumped on the streets after its owners moved and left him to fend for himself. This rescue was performed by JoAnn and Lisa, the latter of whom managed two gain the trust of “PUMBA” and complete the rescue. (2:32)

~ ~ ~

Eldad had an international group of volunteers to help him with this rescue of two Pit Bulls that had been living in a truck yard. Also assisting were Lisa Chiarelli and Lisa Arturo, who named the pair “LOIS” and “CLARK.” (9:36)

• • • • •

If you were fortunate enough to have seen the musical “LES MISÉRABLES” either on stage or on the screen, we suspect you will enjoy this week’s closer. It’s a flashmob performance of one of the musical's iconic songs by the Orlando Shakespeare Theater set in an Orlando shopping mall. (3:52)

C'ya next week...

Pic of the Week

1/1024th seems to be trending...


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Freitas, Jordon
Fryslie, Kevin
Furnare, Claud
Gaines, Erin
Galea, Andy
Galios, Chris
Galios, Kathy
Gallagher, Steve
Garcia, Enrique
Garcia, Jose
Garcia, Lisa
Gardner, Paul
Garner, Ralph
Gaumont, Ron
Gay, Brian
Geer, Brian
Geiger, Rich
Gergurich, Judy
Giambrone, Jim
Gil-Blanco, Jorge
Giorgianni, Joe
Giuliodibari, Camille
Goings, Mark
Gomes, Rod
Gonzales, Gil
Gonzales, Jesse
Gonzalez, D. (formerly D. Avila)
Gonzalez, Frank
Gonzalez, Jorge
Gott, Pat
Graham, George
Grande, Carm
Grant, Bob
Grant, Doug
Grant, Rich
Granum, Jeff
Graves, Pete
Green, Chris
Grigg, Bruce
Griggs, Fran
Grimaldo, Linda
Grimes, Eric
Guarascio, Dan
Guerin, Pete
Guido, Jr., Jim
Guido, Sr. Jim
Guizar, Ruben
Gummow, Bob
Gummow, Rich
Gutierrez, Hector
Guzman, Dennis
Guzman, Kim
Gwillim, Reese
Habina, Ron
Hafley, Gary
Hahn, Chuck
Hale, Don
Handa, Mitch
Handforth, Terry
Hann, George
Hare, Caren (Carlisle)
Harnish, Mary (Craven)
Harpainter, Bob
Harris, Bucky
Harris, Diane
Harris, Don
Haskell, Marty
Hawkes, Ken
Haynes, Sandy
Hazen, Skip
Hedgpeth, Bob
Helder, Ron
Hellman, Marilyn
Hendrickson, Dave
Hendrix, Dave
Hernandez, Irma
Hernandez, Joe
Hernandez, Linda
Hernandez, Rudy
Hernandez, Vic
Herrick, Mike
Herrmann, Erma
Hewison, Jamie
Hewitt, Dave
Hilborn, Art
Hildebrandt, Karen
Hill, Louie
Hill, Sandra
Hinkle, John
Hippeli, Micki
Hirata, Gary
Hober, Dave
Hober, Margo
Hodgin, Bruce
Hoehn, Charlie
Hogate, Joanne
Hogate, Steve
Hollars, Bob
Holliday, Sandy
Hollingsworth, Larry
Holloway, Sandi
Holser, George
Honda, David
Hong, Bich-nga
Horton, Debbie (McIntyre)
Hoskin, Wendy
Hosmer, Dewey
Howard, Terri
Howell, Jim
Howsmon, Frank
Hudson, Kim
Hughes, Gary
Hunter, Dick (via daughter Kim Mindling)
Hunter, Jeff
Husa, Sonia
Hyland, Brian
Ibarra, Miguel
Imobersteg, Rob
Inami, Steve & Francine
Ingraham, George
Ireland, Joe
Jackson, Curt
Jacksteit, Ken
Jacobson, Barbara
Janavice, Dean
Jeffers, Jim
Jenkins, Dave
Jensen, Dan
Jensen, Janie
Jewett, Donna
Jepson, Cliff
Jezo, Pat
Johnson, Bob
Johnson, Craig
Johnson, Cynthia
Johnson, Dave
Johnson, Gary
Johnson, Jon
Johnson, Karen
Johnson, Kyle
Johnson, Mardy
Johnson, Tom & Fran
Jones, Russ
Jones, Wayne
Katashima, Annie
Katz, Dan
Keneller, Dave
Kennedy, Scott
Kennedy, Tom
Kensit, John
Killen, Pat
Kimbrel, Tammy
Kinaga, Rose
King, Charlie
Kingsley, Fred
Kirby, Erwin
Kirkendall, Dave
Kischmischian, Gene
Klein, Lou Anna
Kleman, Karl
Knea, Tim
Kneis, Brian
Knopf, Dave
Kong, Ernie
Kosovilka, Bob
Kozlowski, Astrid
Kracht, John
Kregel, John
Kunesh, Cindy
Kurz, Jennifer
Lagergren, Fred
Lanctot, Noel
Laney, Tammy
Lansdowne, Sharon
Lara, Bill
LaRault, Gary
Larsen, Bill
Laverty, Ann
Lax, John
Leak, Felecia
Leavy, Bill
Leavey, Jack
LeGault, Anna
LeGault, Russ
Lem, Noland
Leonard, Gary
Leonard (Lintern), Lynda
Leong, Ken
Leroy, Jim
Lewis, Lefty
Lewis, Marv
Lewis, Steve
Lind, Eric
Linden, Larry  
Lisius, Jim
Little, Keith            
Livingstone, John
Lobach, Bob
Lockwood, Bob
Lockwood, Joan
Logan, Maureen
Longaker, Mary
Longoria, Noe
Lopez, Candy
Lopez. Dan
Lopez, Ruvi
Lovecchio, Pete
Low, John
Lu, Elba
Luca, Dennis
Lucarotti, Jim
Luna, Gloria
Lundberg, Larry
MacDougall, Joanne
Macias, Steven
Macris, Carly
Macris, Tom
Madison, Gary
Maehler, Mike
Mahan, Rick
Malatesta, Jim
Malcolm, Roger
Mallett, Bill
Malvini, Phil
Mamone, Joe
Marcotte, Steve
Marfia, John
Marfia, Ted
Marin, Julie
Marini, Ed
Marlo, Jack
Marozick, Chief Jeff
Marsh, Scott
Martin, Brad
Martin, Lou
Martin, Todd
Martinelli, Ron
Martinez, Jr., Raul
Martinez, Rick
Martinez, Victor
Matteoni, Charlotte
Mattos, Bill
Mattos, Paula
Mattocks, Mike
Mayo, Lorraine
Mayo, Toni
Mazzone, Tom
McCaffrey, Mike
McCain, Norm
McCall, George
McCall, Lani
McCarville, John
McCollum, Bob
McCollum, Daniele
McCready, Tom
McCulloch, Al
McCulloch, Scott
McDonald, Joey
McElvy, Mike
McFall, Ron
McFall, Tom
McGuffin, Rich
McGuire, Pat
McIninch, Mark
McKean, Bob
McKenzie, Dennis
McLucas, Mike
McMahon, Jim
McMahon, Ray
McNamara, Laurie
Meheula, Cheryl
Mendez, Deborah
Mendez, Mike
Messier, Tom
Messimer, Dwight
Metcalfe, Dave
Metcalfe, Mickey
Miceli, Sharon
Miller, Keith
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Stan
Miller, Toni
Mills, Don
Miranda, Carlos
Mitchell, Bill
Mitchell, Carol
Modlin, Dick
Mogilefsky, Art
Moir, Bob
Monahan, Chris
Montano, Wil
Montes, José
Morales, Octavio
Moore, Don
Moore, Jeff
Moore, JoAnn
Moorman, Jim
Morella, Ted
Moreno, Norma
Morgan, Dale
Morin, Jim
Morris, Jack
Morton, Bruce
Mosley, Joe
Mosunic, Taffy
Moudakas, Terry
Moura, Don
Mozley, Ron
Muldrow, Mark "Mo"
Mulholland, Kathy
Mullins, Harry
Mulloy, Dennis
Munks, Jeff
Munoz, Art
Murphy, Bob
Musser, Marilynn
Nagel, Michael
Nagengast, Carol
Nakai, Linda
Nalett, Bob
Namba, Bob
Nascimento, Mike
Nelson, Ed
Ngo, Phan
Nichols, John
Nichols, Mike
Nimitz, Stephanie
Nissila, Judy
Norling, Debbie
North, Dave
North, Jim
Norton, Peter
Norton, Phil
Nunes, John
Nunes, Les
O'Carroll, Diane (Azzarello)
O'Connor, Mike
O'Donnell, Tom
O'Keefe, Jim
Oliver, Pete
Ortega, Dan
Ortiz, Leanard
Otter, Larry
Ouimet, Jeff
Ozuna, George
Pacheco, Russ
Padilla, George
Pagan, Irma
Painchaud, Dave
Palsgrove, Ted
Panighetti, Paul
Papenfuhs, Steve
Paredes, Carlos
Parker, Rand
Parrott, Aubrey
Parsons, Dirk
Parsons, Mike
Pascoe, Brent
Passeau, Chris
Pate, Neal
Paxton, Bob
Payton, George
Pearce, Jim
Pearson, Sam
Pedroza, Frank
Pegram, Larry
Pennington, Ron
Percelle, Ralph
Percival, John
Perry (Cervantez), Martha
Peterson, Bob
Phelps, Scott
Phillips, Gene
Piper, Will
Pitts, Ken
Pitts, Phil
Plinski, Leo
Pointer, John
Polanco, Mary
Polmanteer, Jim
Porter, John
Postier, Ken
Postier, Steve
Powers, Bill
Priddy, Loren
Princevalle, Roger
Pringle, Karl
Propst, Anamarie
Pryor, Steve
Punneo, Norm
Purser, Owen
Pyle, Leroy
Quayle, John
Quezada, Louis
Quinn, John
Quint, Karen
Ramirez, Manny
Ramirez, Roland
Ramirez, Victoria
Ramon, Chacha
Raposa, Rick
Rappe (Ryman), Bonnie
Rasmussen, Charlene
Ratliff, Fran
Raul, Gary
Raye, Bruce
Realyvasquez, Armando
Reed, Nancy
Reek, Rob
Reeves, Curt
Reid, Fred
Reinhardt, Stephanie
Reizner, Dick
Rendler, Will
Rettus, Bev
Retuta, Rene
Reuter, Larry
Reutlinger, Leslie
Reyes (Buell), Cindy
Reyes, Juan
Reyes, Mo
Rheinhardt, Bob
Rice, Jayme
Rice, Lyle
Richter, Darrel
Riedel, Gunther
Rimple, Randy
Roberts, Mike
Robertson, Harry
Robinson, Walt
Robison, Rob
Rodgers, Phil
Rogers, Lorrie
Romano, Bill
Romano, Marie
Rose, John
Ross, Joe
Ross, Mike
Rosso, Ron
Roy, Charlie
Royal, Julie
Ruiloba, Louie
Russell, Russ
Russell, Stan
Russo, Grace
Ruth, Leo
Ryan, Joe
Ryan, Larry
Saito, RIch
Salamida Joe
Salewsky, Bill
Salguero, Desiree
Salvi, Pete
Samsel, Dave
Sandoval, Thomas
Santos, Bill
Sauao, Dennis
Savage, Scott
Savala, john
Sawyer, Craig
Scanlan, Pete
Scannell, Dave
Schembri, Mike
Schenck, Joe
Schenini (Alvarez), Joanne
Schiller, Robert
Schmidt, Chuck
Schmidt, Paul
Schriefer, Randy
Seaman, Scott
Seck, Tom
Sekany, Greg
Seymour, Chuck
Seymour, Jim
Sharps, Betty
Shaver, John
Sheppard, Jeff
Sherman, Gordon
Sherr, Laurie
Shigemasa, Tom
Shuey, Craig
Shuman, John
Sides, Roger
Sills, Eric
Silva, Bill
Silveria, Linda
Silvers, Jim
Simpson, Terry
Sinclair, Bob
Sly, Sandi
Smith, Betty
Smith, BT
Smith, Craig
Smith, Ed
Smith, Jerry
Smith, Karen
Smith, Kerry
Smith, Mike
Smith, Nancy
Smoke, Wil
Sorahan, Dennis
Spangenberg, Hal
Spence, Jim
Spicer, John
Spitze, Randy
Spoulos, Dave
Springer, George
Stauffer, Suzan
Stelzer, Rex
Sterner, Mike
Strickland, John
Sturdivant, Billy
Sugimoto, Rich
Suits, Jim
Summers, Bob
Sumner, Geoff
Sumner, Ted
Sun, Jeff
Sun, Wei
Suske, Joe
Swanson, Ray
Tanaka, Ken
Tarricone, Linda
Tate, Bill
Taves, Phil & Paula
Taylor, Joyce
Tenbrink, Bob
Tennant, Ed
Teren-Foster, Aileen
Terry, Glenn & Maggie
Thawley, Dave
Thayer, Dean
Theobald, Cynthia
Thomassin, Ron
Thomas, Art
Thompson, Gary
Thompson, Margie
Thompson, Mike
Tibaldi, Ernie
Tibbet, Walt
Tice, Stan
Tietgens, Dick
Tietgens, Don
Tokiwa, Robin
Tomaino, Jim
Torres, John
Torres, Nestor
Torres, Ralph
Townsend, John
Townsend, Vicki
Tozer, Dave
Trapp, Greg
Trevino, Andy
Trujillo, Ted
Trussler, Christine
Trussler, John
Tush, Lorraine
Tyler, Diana
Unger, Bruce
Unland, Joe
Urban, Diane
Usoz, Steve
Valcazar, Dan
Vallecilla, Ernie & Peggy
Van Dyck, Lois
Vanegas, Anna
Vanek, John
Vasquez, Danny
Vasquez, Rich
Vasquez, Ted
Vasta, Joe
Videan, Ed
Videan, Theresa
Vidmar, Mike
Vincent, Bill
Vinson, Jim
Vizzusi, Gilbert
Vizzusi, Mike
Vizzusi, Rich
Vizzusi, Tony
Waggoner, Bill
Wagner, Jim
Wagstaff, Greg
Wahl, John
Walker, Dave
Wall, Chuck
Ward, Jean
Watts, Bob
Way, Vicky
Webster, Ron
Wedlow, Dean
Weesner, Greg
Weir, Tony
Welker, Jessica
Wells, Bill
Wells, Brenda
Wells, Mike
Wendling, Boni
Wendling, Jay
Werkema, Jim
Weston, Tom
Wheatley, Tom
White, Rich
Wicker, Joe
Wiley, Bruce
Williams, Jodi
Williams [Durham], Lanette
Williams, Rick
Williamson, Kathleen
Williamson, Ken
Wilson, Caven
Wilson, Jeff
Wilson, Jerry
Wilson, Lee
Wilson, Neal
Wilson, Stan
Wilson, Tom
Windisch Jr., Steve
Wininger, Steve
Winter, Bill
Wirht, Kim
Witmer, Dave
Wittenberg, Jim
Wolfe, Jeff
Womack, Kenn
Wong, Andrew
Woo, Paul
Wood, Dave
Wood, Jim
Woodington, Brad
Wysuph, Dave
Yarbrough, Bill
Young, Mike
Younis, Tuck
Yuhas, Dick
Yules, Ken
Zalman, Ginny
Zanoni, Mike
Zaragoza, Phil
Zenahlik, Tom
Zimmerman, Eliza
Zwemke, Doug