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August 15, 2013


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The PBA will be holding its Aug. dinner meeting next Wednesday, Aug. 21st, at the POA Hall. The open bar will be pressed into service around 5 p.m. and a buffet-style dinner will follow about an hour later.



This deals mostly with recruits and active personnel...

Aug. 12th

While the title of this email is "negotiations update" it's not entirely accurate. We are not in negotiations at this time. We have a closed contract through June 30, 2014.  As you can see from the letter by the City <http://tinyurl.com/la9n3v7>, they want us to counter the proposal they had on the table before arbitration. You remember it. It was the 2.5% raise mischaracterized as a 9% raise <http://tinyurl.com/l8uky2m>.

We responded to the City with a letter of our own
<http://tinyurl.com/lpursw5>. The City has been very vocal about the fact that they want to offer you a raise. They know that we will not consider such an offer if it has strings attached or if it contains the Measure B reopener language so popular in their other offers. They also know that it is our position that restoring the 10% is the first step the City should take if they are serious about ending the exodus of officers.

The City has not had a "closed session" meeting since mid-June. Their first one since coming back from their summer break is scheduled for tomorrow, August 13, 2013. During their 2-month absence, more officers have left the PD. In fact, at the time of this writing, between resignations and retirements, we have lost 67 officers this year.

It seems there is no sense of urgency by the City. In fact, their desire to get back to the negotiations table would just add weeks to the process of offering you a raise.    

While the City waits, more officers will leave. On Wednesday recruiters from eight law enforcement agencies will be at the POA to discuss employment opportunities in their jurisdictions. They know the value of a San Jose officer even if the City of San Jose doesn't. If the City sends us an offer that passes muster, we'll get it to you for an up or down vote. This process doesn't need to be as difficult as the City is making it.

Jim Unland
John Robb



This article that was authored by POA President Jim Unland was posted on the Protect San Jose website. It includes some links to documents as well as a video of a partial meeting of the Police & Fire Retirement Board. To view the article, click on the link below...

"More Fuzzy Math from Mayor Reed -- POA 2nd Tier Cost Email to Recruits is Accurate"




We found nothing of note this week.



Last Week's Poll Results

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If you thought this week's poll was an attempt at humor,
read this story from today's paper...

Transgender Law a First

—Giving students choice of facilities a victory to some, trouble to others—

By Sharon Noguchi
Mercury News — Aug. 15, 2013

California’s law to give transgender K-12 students rights such as access to the restrooms and locker rooms that they choose has received mixed response from school officials.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed AB 1266, which says schools must allow a student to participate in sex-segregated programs, athletics and to use facilities "consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.”

The law, the first one in the nation, is on the leading edge of transgender rights, said Carlos Alcala, an aide to Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, who wrote the bill.

Opponents, who have promised to sue, said the bill infringes on the privacy of public school students.

“No 13-year-old girl should ever have to worry about a 16-year-old boy entering showers where she’s showering on the pretext that he is a she,” said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute of Sacramento. He said the law ties the hands of schools officials dealing with students who suffer from “gender identity disorder.”

But proponents hailed the law as advancing long-sought rights of transgender students.

In July, the federal civil rights offices settled a case forcing the Arcadia School District in Southern California to protect transgender student rights. The district barred a middle school student who identified as a boy from using a boys bathroom and a boys cabin on an overnight field trip.

Alcala said that rather than defining transgender rights through ongoing complaints, Ammiano thought it better to clarify the law.

The bill passed the state Senate 21 to 9 and the Assembly 46 to 25. San Francisco and Los Angeles school districts have long had policies ensuring transgender students the same rights included in the new bill. Oakland Unified adopted a similar policy in November.

But the state law may give the issue more prominence, Oakland Unified spokesman Troy Flint said, so the district plans to discuss it with principals before school opens Aug. 26.

Some people may object, he said, and the district will work with them. “But human rights are non-negotiable.”

Schools will look for guidance from state organizations that represent districts and administrators, as well as from the California Interscholastic Federation, which oversees competitive sports. As they do with all new bills, those organizations are reviewing language and will issue guidelines later.

How districts have handled transgender students has varied. In the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District, a transgender student was allowed to use a staff rest room, rather than the student ones, Superintendent Barry Groves said. For the future, he said the district will come up with a policy that respects the needs of its diverse population.

Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute said that AB 1266 has the potential to violate Title IX, which protects women’s sports, by allowing a boy to compete on a girls athletic team.

“You could have a girl booted off the soccer team because a boy has a genetic hormonal advantage,” he said, or a girl forced to compete with a male wrestler.

However, bill backers said policies like those in San Francisco and Los Angeles have not caused problems or complaints.

Flint in Oakland said it’s a matter of educating the community.

“Throughout history whenever rights have been granted to a group that suffered discrimination, there have been groups that challenged it,” he said. “Over time people who fought for equality have always been vindicated by history.”



Aug. 8th


Thanks for all the work you and Leroy do each week to keep all of us entertained and updated. If anyone is curious about the 1933 Hart Kidnapping and subsequent lynchings, Harry Farrell (old time Murky News Reporter) published a book in 1992 entitled "Swift Justice" (St. Martin's Press). It goes into great detail about the case and the people involved in San Jose during the depression years. Harry gave me a copy when I was working on the Department's History back in the '90s and I think he did a great job.

Keep Smiling!  

Stephen L. D'Arcy, CSUS

I agree, Steve. I have a copy of "Swift Justice" sitting on my bookshelf next to a signed copy of Clyde Arbuckle's "The History of San Jose." (Clyde was the late City Historian.) Both are excellent reads. I checked Amazon and found that Farrell's book about the Hart Kidnapping may be out of print, although some new copies are still available. The cost for a new edition, however, ranges from $147 to $428, but used copies can be had from Amazon's Marketplace for as little as a dime to a over $100 and everywhere in between. If your signed edition is in new condition, perhaps you should have it insured.


• • • • •

Numerous "old timers" caught a couple of errors in last week's Farsider and a few of them took the time to write in...

Aug. 8th

Hi Bill,

I want to thank you as so many others have for your diligence and great work in keeping all past and present boys in blue up to date and aware of what is going on. I have very seldom written in about anything, but in your last issue of the Farsider I wanted to correct a couple of errors in an article that was sent in.

The first is about Bill Yarbrough's article about Alviso. He was so right about many things there as I also worked that beat. What was wrong was his reference about John Calderon being the Chief. The Alviso Chief was Pat Chew and John was a police officer. However, both came to the SJPD when the City of San Jose incorporated Alviso.

The second correction I have is about Dave Scannell's article about the Hart Kidnapping. I did a term paper about the lynching while at San Jose State. In his article he stated that the jail was across the street from St James Park. At the time of the lynching work had already begun on the then-new Post Office on N. First St. The Jail was actually behind it and the County Courthouse and backed up to Market St. The picture of citizens "Storming the jail" shows the flag pole from the Post Office being used as a ram to enter the jail.

I guess I'm just an old cantankerous SOB who has little to do other than pick things apart. I've traveled a long road and will turn 86 in Dec. and am waiting for a knee replacement with the hope of getting back to normal.

Good job to you and Leroy,

Leo Plinski #1215 Ret.

Leo's missive was the first to arrive. Here are some others...

• • • • •

Aug. 8th


The history on Alviso is partly incorrect. Pat Chew was the last Alviso Chief of Police, and John Calderon was his one and only police officer. When we annexed Alviso, both Chief Chew and Officer Calderon were brought into the SJPD as officers. Chew worked most, if not all, of his career in the Property Room, but was quite happy with his retirement package that was much better than he would have received from the Town of Alviso.


P.S. I'll bet that Bob Moir already provided this same info.

Nope. You beat Bob to it, but he did write to Yarbrough with a cc to us a day or two later. See below...

• • • • •

Aug. 9th

Regarding Yarbrough's contribution to the Farsider. he said John Calderon was the police chief of Alviso. Wrong! The chief's name was Pat Chew. Calderon was his deputy. He also said North First street was lined with apricot orchards. Wrong again! They were pear orchards. When SJ annexed Alviso, Pat and John became SJ police officers. Pat ended up working Property and John went to patrol.


You say tomato, I say tomahto, Bill says apricots, you say pears, let's call the whole thing off.

• • • • •

The following was an e-mail to Bill Yarbrough with a cc to us...

Aug. 10th

Excellent article about Alviso. Problem is, Pat Chew was the Alviso Police Chief and Johnny Calderon was an officer, possibly Pat's son-in-law, or at least a shirt-tail relative.They both became regular SJ cops with Pat retiring shortly thereafter. Johnny stayed on for several years, retiring in 1988 with 12 years of service credited. He has since passed away.

Great story, and I'm sure you can "conjure" up another one or two. The one at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta where you accompanied your wife to a nurses' training seminar and got a ride to tour the plantations in the Hyatt limo doesn't qualify.


Bob (Moir)

• • • • •

Aug. 10th

Hello Bill,

I just finished reviewing the weekly Farsider and was drawn to the article written by none other than “Robillard" and his personal description of the 187 that took place at the California Cheese Factory in E. San Jose. (Aug. 1st Farsider)

His description of the events that evening/early morning were very interesting and very accurate as I learned about the case in a different and peculiar way.

What no one knows (and Robillard didn't mention) is that Salvatore Marino and Robillard had one “personal” thing in common. What is that you may ask?

Both Sal and Robillard went to the same dentist on Westwood Dr in San Jose. In fact,  several old time SJPD Command Officers went to the same dental office. I knew this because my wife, Connie, worked at the dental office as a Dental Hygienist.

In addition, at 9:00 a.m. — just several hours after the 187 took place at the Cheese Factory — Connie, was cleaning Sal’s teeth. She indicated that Sal was always very polite, gracious, and a true Italian gentleman to her and all of the other female employees at the dental office. On this particular morning Connie indicated that Sal was very calm, and that he showed no signs of aggression even though he had just participated in a homicide. It was simply business as usual for San Jose's "Italian Stallion."

Due to my photo hanging in Connie's office, Sal clearly knew she was married to an SJPD Officer and occasionally asked questions about my assignments at the department.

Connie and the dentist were later interviewed by SJPD Homicide Detectives who were trying to piece together Sal’s movements in San Jose after the Homicide went down.

Robillard has an outstanding memory and should write a book about the SJPD and the City of San Jose. He has seen it, done it, knows it and should write about it. It would be a best seller to a large group of individuals, especially, Bill, if you were his editor and publisher. I would think that the movie sequel would probably turn out to be a great comedy starring none other than Robillard himself and Eddie Murphy and filmed live on the Streets of San Jose.


Dave Clayton, #1793

Editor and publisher for Robillard? Surely you jest. (I presume I can call you Shirley.) If you were a fly on the wall of my office and saw the agony I go through editing Robillard's 500-600 word compositions, you would understand why I would rather run a straight razor down my arms and pour acid over the wounds before I took on a book.

• • • • •

Aug. 11th

Hi  Bill:

Would you please publish this in the Farsider...

In Remembrance of Richard Huerta, killed on August 6, 1970, I posted several seldom seen photos on the Vintage San Jose Police Facebook Page. I know that many of your readers do not participate on Facebook. so I posted the same photos on my LNostra-Costa Blog. Those who wish to see them can do so by clicking on the following direct link:


Ivan Comelli

• • • • •

Rodger Cripe and his wife Patti, along with his stepdaughter Lorri and a friend are vacationing in Europe. As proof that it truly can be a small world, the following e-mail arrived in our inbox yesterday...

Aug. 14th


Look who Rodger ran into at our hotel, the Grosvenor in London. Sitting at a table next to us were Tom Brewer and Mike Vidmar. What were the odds?




This is an addendum to the St. James Park lynchings as told by the late Ray Blackmore to his son, retired Sgt. Chuck Blackmore. Ray would go on to become the second longest reigning police chief in the history of San Jose. He served as Chief for 24 years, from 1947 to 1971. Only Chief John Newton Black served longer. He was the Police Chief for 28 years, from 1916 to 1944.

As My Dad Told the Story

By Chuck Blackmore

My father and his partner, Hugh Edes, were in the jail prior to the lynching. Trying to hold off the crowd, they lobbed tear gas from above. Soon after, when they saw that the tear gas was not deterring the crowd, Dad went down and stood by the entry door. When the first of the crowd forced their way into the jail, someone said, "Stand aside, Ray.  We're going to take them. Where are they?" Dad pointed to the row of cells.

Shortly thereafter, the mob started to leave the jail with two individuals. Dad stopped them and said they had only one of the kidnappers. The second one was still in his cell.

Earlier in the evening, there were three prisoners in the jail: Thurmond, Holmes and a vagrant. The mob had grabbed Holmes and, by mistake, the vagrant. When the mob first stormed the jail, Thurmond jumped up, grabbed the grating of a ventilation port and pulled himself up close to the ceiling. When the mob looked inside the cells, they only saw Holmes and the vagrant.

When Dad told them they had the wrong person, the mob looked in the cells again and discovered Thurmond still clinging to the vent. The mob pulled him down and, as he fell, his head hit the commode. Dad said that when they carried Thurmond out the door he appeared to be in a coma and was not aware of what was going on around him.

And finally, it was not their feet that were burned as they hung, it was the hair on their scrotum.

It would be technically correct to say I was there, at least for a short period of time. Mom had heard on the radio that a lynch mob had gathered at the jail and knew Dad was there (I don't know how she knew). She put me in a bassinet, placed it in the back seat of the car and drove down to St. James Park. Traffic was so bad, however, that she returned home. I was seven months old at the time, and Dad had been on the Force four years.



San Jose Fire Fighters Burn Foundation Chili Cook Off

On Saturday, August 17th, C Shift firefighters from San Jose as well as other Bay Area fire departments will compete to make the best tasting chili as judged by Craig Allen Rose and radio personalities Lamont and Tonelli. The event will raise money for the San Jose Firefighters Burn Foundation.

Your participation in the event is greatly appreciated. Those who cannot run a chili booth can still help by volunteering their time for a few hours. The Burn Foundation is still very short on volunteers. Finally, firefighters as well as their families and friends are encouraged to attend the event and have fun. The burn foundation appreciates the continued support you have shown throughout the years.

Follow the event and learn more by visiting the Burn Foundation's Facebook site at...




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Remember the movie "Firefox" where Clint Eastwood stole an experimental Russian jet that he was able to control solely with his mind? This clip that Chuck Blackmore calls "scary" may provide evidence that science fiction has turned into fact. (2 Mins.)


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We have no idea where Alice Murphy comes up with the videos of amazing artists she often sends in, but we're not complaining. This one of a New York painter who works with spray cans and a putty knife is a must watch. (4 Mins.)


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Alice isn't through yet. She also sent in this short video about a bunch of geriatrics creating a traffic jam. So is it worth having to sit through a short commercial before the clip starts? We say yes since many of us could shortly be looking at ourselves. (2 Mins.)


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Leave it to the Irish to come up with imaginative commercials like this one that deals artificial insemination to grab the viewer's attention. Sit through all 40 seconds of this clip we received from Paul Salerno and you may be surprised to see what's being advertised. (40 Secs.)


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It's not often that a sighting of a possible UFO captured on a surveillance camera makes the news, but that was the case with this incident in Naples, FL. Let us know if you think you may know what the camera picked up, but don't write in and say it was something similar to swamp gas emanating from the pool as a result of an earlier weight-loss group exercise class. We already thought of that. (3 Mins.)


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Don Hale said he received this video from a couple of his Admiral friends and that it is well worth a look and listen. He says, "It explains quite clearly what is going on with Muslims in our country." We present, you decide if it was worth a watch. (25 Mins.)


• • • • •

If you think this guy is good with his pet parakeets, you should see Chuck Blackmore perform the same act with his collection of fruit bats. What would really impress us, however, is a similar act where the performer uses California Condors. (9 Mins.)


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Dirk Parsons sent in this video for you aviation junkies that features Tony Phillippi's rare and beautiful Howard 500 and is scored with a musical soundtrack you are sure to recognize. (5 Mins.)


• • • • •


Still on the topic of aviation, Dirk would also like to remind you that...

• • • • •

A friend who's a transplanted American now living in a little French village sent us this Russian clip that shows you don't have to be an excellent ice skater to perform a beautiful ballet, you only need to know how to drive on ice. (3 Mins.)


• • • • •

Jim Carraher reports that his buddy Tom Macris has a veracious appetite for corn on the cob, and that his pet hamster has learned to eat an ear of corn the same way Tom does. (40 Secs.)


• • • • •

Speaking of Carraher and Macris, don't allow yourself to feel you are out of the loop because you don't participate on Facebook. That could be a good thing according to this article received from Tom. Neither he or I use Facebook, and we are two of the happiest people living today, except on those days when he and I get together with Carraher and John Hinkle for a round of golf, at which point life can be a living hell.


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Want to see what would happen if you fell into a lava lake? This test with organic material will show you, so stay away from the ledge next time you visit an active volcano. (1 Min.)


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This clip from an Italian surveillance camera Lumpy sent in is evidence that on some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. Or if you did, stay sober. Look at the white van at the top of the screen when the video starts and you will see that a guy on a motor scooter runs into it. Now keep your eye on the same guy and his scooter and continue watching to the end of the clip when both disappear from view. (1 Min.)


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Have a serious thirst for a brewski that doesn't have a twist-off cap or a pull-off tab and can't find a church key? Here are several other ways you can get to the golden nectar. (3 Mins.)


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With nearly 900 Farsider subscribers, it's not unusual for us to receive the same e-mail from a few readers, but this one set a record. After counting how many were received, we came up with a total of 28 different subscribers...


I’ve received many remarkable nature photographs over the years, but this photo of a nesting Falcon is perhaps the most remarkable nature shot I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Nature is truly breath-taking!



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Remember when the entire country was in love with these four sisters who got their start on the Lawrence Welk Show? Here they are in their TV debut in 1955 singing "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds" with their father and three uncles. (3 Mins.)


It is now 11 years later and the four sisters have blossomed into young ladies. With two years left of their 13-year career on the Lawrence Welk Show, this is a clip of them singing "Sugartime." (2 Mins.)


For a dose of reality, Janet, the youngest, is now 67 while her sisters range in age from 70 to 74. There are dozens of other old and new clips and interviews of the Lennon Sisters available on YouTube. Perform a Google Image search for "Lennon Sisters 2013" and you will only find these three who are still performing at the Welk resorts...


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We chose as our closer this clip received from Sharon Lansdowne. What makes it special is that it's a great way to mentally recover from watching the news about domestic politics and worldwide events. It's a video of a flashdance — no, correct that, it's a flashwaltz — that took place in an Israeli hospital a few months ago and features a popular classical piece by Tchaikovsky. Have a good week. (5 Mins.)


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Pics of the Week
(Yes, we have two this week)



PBA President Dave Wysuph reports that he is working hard to get the
POA Board of Directors to agree to modify the bar at the POA Hall. It's
based on numerous complaints from the aging PBA membership that
the 60 feet between the bar and the men's room is 59 feet too far...


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