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August 2, 2012


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There may be no Farsider next Thursday, Aug. 9th. If there isn't, PBA members are reminded that the general membership meeting for August will be held at the POA Hall at the regular time on Wednesday, Aug. 15th. It will feature the annual BBQ feed, so bring your appetites.



Click on the link below to watch a KTVU Channel 2 news report that aired on Monday of this week about the record number of officers leaving and/or retiring from the Dept...



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POA President Jim Unland addressed the issue in an article titled "The Dismantling of SJPD is Well Underway." It was posted on the Protect San Jose website...



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"Last one to leave turn out the lights!" may soon be echoing through the hallways of the SJPD. This NBC Bay Area news report about the possible elimination of the Burglary Unit aired yesterday.




The latest Billy & Spanner newsletter of the Retirees' Assn. is available on-line. It includes an important update from President Jim Spence regarding Pension Reform and the passage of Measure B. Clicking on the link below should download a .pdf file to your desktop. Then click or double-click the icon to open and view the newsletter.





Results from last week's poll...

For the full scope of state and national polling by Scott Rasmussen, click on this link:

For the most recent releases, click here:



July 26th


The Protect San Jose website
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The POA's legal actions to date have been crafted to protect retirees' interests. Making donations to the POA's general fund is likely to be the best way to ensure you are doing your part to share in the burden of financing on-going litigation.
Art Mogilefsky



The facts behind the legends, information and
misinformation that has or may show up in your inbox

New Articles

• List collects snappy answers to dumb questions posed by tourists visiting the Olympic Games.

• Did Thomas Jefferson tout using a gun as a good form of physical and mental exercise?

• Warning cautions that voters who select a 'straight ticket' may not end up voting for a presidential candidate.

• Glurge: Bill Gates explains to a waiter why he left a much smaller tip than his son did.

• Are Social Security retirement payments classified as 'federal benefit payments'?

• Video purportedly shows the gymnast granddaughter of Olympic champion Nadia Comaneci.

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• Was a customer at a fast food outlet served a batter-fried rat or chicken head?

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• Check out our 25 Hottest Urban Legends list to keep abreast of what's circulating in the on-line world.

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• Visit our Top Scams page for a list of schemes commonly used by crooks to separate the unwary from their money.



Using info from the black box and the audio between the plane and the tower, this is arguably the best animation yet of the "Miracle on the Hudson." The air speed indicator and altimeter are in the upper right corner, and the boxes in the lower right provide the text of what is spoken. While the audio between Sully and his co-pilot cannot be heard, the blue box shows what is said. (7 Mins.)


• • • • •

I'm not fluent in Portuguese, so I'm going to take a wild guess at what's going on here: Apparently the guys in the white shirts and black hats are this bull's owners or custodians. At least it appears that way since they are holding onto the rope that is tied to the bull. Watch this clip and see what happens when they take El Toro out for its daily, stress-relieving romp through town. And if you want to cheer for the bull, go for it! (6 Mins.)


• • • • •

You are no doubt familiar with the clichι "Don't judge a book by its cover." This clip from Britain's Got Talent is a prime example of how true it is. Say hi to Charlotte and Jonathan. (7 Mins.)


• • • • •

If you wear bifocals or progressive lens eyeglasses — or just a simple pair of "cheaters" for reading and close-up work — you might want to watch this clip sent in by Alice Murphy. (3 Mins.)


• • • • •

Those of you who have toured France should be familiar with some of these aerial views of Normandy. Those of you who haven't visited the country may want to do so after watching this video also sent in by the wife of former Chief Bob Murphy. (7 Mins.)


• • • • •

Animal lovers rejoice. Bruce Morton sent in this clip that shows one of the most simple yet amazing ladder rescues you are likely to see. (1 Min.)


• • • • •

Some dogs are more musically inclined than others, says Dave Scannell, and it might have something to do with its genes and size as you are unlikely to see a St. Bernard or a Rottweiler do this: (1 Min.)


• • • • •

Dave also sent in this clip that's as far removed from a dancing dog as one can get. It's titled "Our Story in Two Minutes" and well worth a click if you are into the history of us and our planet. (2 Mins.)


• • • • •

This 2009 award winning cabaret magic act received from Dewey Moore is one of the best we've seen in a long time. Was it because of the eye candy? We report, you guys decide. (3 Mins.)


• • • • •

Remember your Lionel or American Flyer train that ran around the Christmas tree when you were a kid? This clip shows that while some of the kids from that era haven't grown up, their trains have. What you are about to see are commonly described as "toys for big boys." (4 Mins.)


• • • • •

There are several great stories about our national bird on the Web, and this one from Chuck Blackmore about a bald eagle in northern Idaho that was fitted for a prosthesis as a result of a missing beak has to be near the top of the list. (5 Mins.)


• • • • •

Question: What are the odds you will hear a commercial like this one air on KGO or any other radio station in the Bay Area?

Answer: About the same as a huge asteroid striking the earth and wiping out all life on our planet within the next seven days.

Have a listen all the way to the end.
(1 Min.)


• • • • •

If the Hollywood elites had no fitness coaches or stylists, stayed away from botox, and instead drank beer and ate junk food, what would they look like? In other words, how would the Hollywood swells look as ordinary people? Dirk Parsons says this website will give you a pretty good idea. (Give the page a few moments to load the photos.)

John Travolta as one of us?


• • • • •

Seems that it doesn't take much more than cute animal or funny baby video to entertain our retired police artist these days. Of the latter, here's a clip titled "Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!" we received from Tom Macris. (3 Mins.)


• • • • •

Our grand finalι and top clip of the week also came from Tom. We see it as an adult version of the children's book, "Where's Waldo?" Your job is to find Matt Harding in every dance clip. Some are ridiculously easy, others not so much. Good luck. (5 Mins.)

(Matt. who co-produced the video, traveled through many nations for the purpose of dancing with the locals and filming the results. The video below is a dramatic example of how humans from all over the planet have a common bond as part of a single species. Happiness is frequently contagious, and few people are reportedly able to watch this video without smiling.)

Large or full screen recommended...




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