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January 1
9, 2012


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—From the incoming President of the Retirees' Assn.—

The 2012 Association of Retired Police Officers & Firefighters agenda was kicked off on December 6, 2011, when the City Council voted (6-5) to approve the ballot measure put forth by the City Manager and the Mayor's Offices. The Association needs to thank Councilmembers Nancy Pyle, Ash Kalra, Xavier Campos, Don Rocha, and Kansen Chu who voted for continued negotiation and not a forced, illegal ballot measure. The Association has committed both money and resources in preparing for the upcoming battle this action is presenting to us. We all know our benefits were not gifts, but obtained through our personal contributions and wage sacrifices during our working years to provide for a secure retirement. These benefits were supposed to be guaranteed by contracts between the city and each of us as employees.

I know there are retirees who do not wish to belong to the Association; but in this hour of our greatest benefit fight they could — and in my mind should — contribute to this legal battle. To work in concert with the POA and Local 230 in fighting this measure, the Association members voted to increase their dues by $28 a month for one year. This will equal $336 for the year per retiree. The Association was met with several hurdles from retirement services to implement this change. Past President Jay Wendling has continued the effort to have the requested increase implemented. However, the increase will not happen automatically for several months.

I am therefore requesting each retiree who receives a retirement check to sit down this month and write a check for $56 (two months legal dues) or $336 (for the yearly dues). Then send it to the AORSJPOFF at PO Box 28041, San Jose, CA 95159 with a "Legal Fund" notation at the bottom of the check. Now is the time to act to show our strength to anyone who thinks we are weak.

This Association is only as strong as our strength in numbers. To that end, I am having the names of all 1270 members added to the “Members only” section of the Association website. This will enable members to see who is a member and who has not yet joined. The latest report from Retirement Services shows there are approximately 2200 people who are receiving retirement checks from our fund. We need each retiree to donate $336 to protect the benefits we now receive. Armed with this membership information, each of you can help expand the Associations Legal Fund.

Your attendance at the Association meetings is the best way to stay updated on this battle.


Jim Spence




Saturday Evening, Feb. 11th
Cocktails at 6:00 p.m.
Dinner at 7:00 p.m.
Dancing to follow


Prime Rib and Salmon

Open Bar featuring
Red and White Wine, Hard Liquor, Single Malt Scotch,
Cider, Sodas, O'Doul's, Regular Pour of the Five Tap Beers

Cost: $25 Per Person ($50 per couple)
Checks made payable to the SJPBA must be received no later than Saturday, Feb. 4th,
so mail them prior to Thursday, Feb. 2nd to P.O. Box 42, San Jose, CA 95103-0042

The dinner-dance is a semi-formal event (Jeans are frowned upon).

IMPORTANT: Please, no early arrivals. Another function is being held at the POA Hall earlier
in the day and the decorating committee needs time to set up the decor for the dinner dance.

Questions should be directed to Bob Moir at
"Lumpy" Lundberg at
<lumpyl@sbcglobal.net>, Dave Wysuph at <dbw1696@aol.com>,
Tom Mazzone at
<RTM1319@gmail.com> or Steve Windisch at <swindisch@aol.com>




Results from last week's poll

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For you armchair referees who are sure that Bill blew the call on what looked like a sure Green Bay fumble in the Packers-Giants game, you might want to mull over either or both of these items...






Jan. 12th

Hi Bill,
Just read the latest Farsider and saw Pappalardo with the Birthday Boys. He may someday write you about his very first night on duty riding with me in the Paddy Wagon and subsequent visits to Capt Kline's office with a reporter present.

Of special interest to me, however, was Ivano Comelli's statement that I caused him "great anxiety" by my comments about citizenship the week before. To my astonishment, he missed the point of what I wrote — the point being that the Supreme Court differentiated between a "Citizen" and a "Natural Born Citizen" — and that only a Natural Born Citizen could be a U.S. president.
As to me giving him anxiety when he was the Traffic Lieutenant, I'll let him address the subtle comment you made if he cares to. I will say this about Ivano, however: After what we had just experienced in Traffic, he was a breath of fresh air when he came into the unit. At the end of his first week as the Traffic Commander, the secretary placed a pile of activity sheets in front of him. When he asked "Why?" she informed him that his predesessor always reviewed them. Ivano immediately dumped them in the waste basket and said, "That's what my Sergeants are for."
Dick Tush #1230

For the record, my reply to Ivan's message ("It's just a wild guess, but I would wager that this wasn't the first time Tush caused you great anxiety!") was based solely on my perception that you and Ivan have distinct and dynamic personalities that came from different worlds and might not jell on occasion. I have no idea what the relationship between you and your boss was actually like at the time.


• • • • •


Jan. 19th


Here is the latest from the Range staff. I have included all the messages from Range Supv. (Sgt.) Kevin Allen for background info only. You may want to use his last message to update folks on the option to qualify with their local law enforcement agency so they are CCW legal. Not sure how many departments will be willing to cooperate, but at least it's a potential option. I have heard from some of our more distant retirees who have already utilized that option.

Please edit so it makes sense.

(Bullock) <dnabullock@sbcglobal.net>

Ed. — The easiest thing to do to ensure it makes sense is to present the e-mail exchange between Dan and Kevin in the order they were sent, starting with this message from Kevin to Dan...

From: Allan, Kevin [
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2011
To: Dan Bullock
Subject: Retiree qualifications


You recently contacted the Chief's office regarding some concerns over the retiree qualification process. I did not receive all of your correspondence regarding this issue. Please email me with your concerns so I can address them. A copy of your letter in the Farsider would be helpful as well.

Thank you,

Sergeant Kevin Allan
San Jose Police Department
Training Division - Range Supervisor
408 277-5372

~ ~ ~

From: Dan Bullock
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2011
To: Kevin Allan
Subject: RE: Retiree qualifications


Attached is a copy of the letter that I sent to the Department. The same letter appeared in the Farsider. I also sent a follow-up email to the Chief’s Office that corrected an error in the original letter (military ID cards become Indefinite Expiration at age 65, which I would have realized had I looked at my own retired Army ID card). The Farsider letter can be viewed by pulling up the issues shortly after the letter was written since I sent it to the Farsider about the time the letter went in the mail.

Please understand that the issue is not that I/we don’t enjoy coming to the SJPD Range, but for many retirees who live hours (or further) from the PD, it does not make good sense to make an expensive, time consuming trip to fire 15 rounds. Mountain View PD is one area department that allows their retirees to qualify at the Grass Valley PD. Other PDs have similar programs to accomplish their retiree qualification requirements.

I suspect the issue of liability for the City of San Jose will be raised at some point. Bottom line: No matter where or how we qualify (as retirees), the City of San Jose will be a deep pockets named party in any suit that follows a shooting.

Renewing the ID cards is actually a much greater problem (scheduling wise) than the Range qualification.

Hope this helps out. If you have any questions, give me a call.

Dan (phone numbers deleted)

~ ~ ~

From: Kevin Allan
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 11:59 AM
To: Dan Bullock
Subject: RE: Retiree qualifications


I have allowed retirees to qualify at other law enforcement agencies for about a year. They must provide the SJPD Range with documentation from the outside agency in the form of a letter or fax. I don't know if the retirees have been told otherwise by other members of the Department, but as far a I'm concerned, retirees can qualify at other law enforcement agencies. My chain of command has approved this method as well.


~ ~ ~

From: Dan Bullock
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 10:09 AM
To: Kevin Allan
Subject: RE: Retiree qualifications


That's great. I don’t think very many retirees know of that option, nor do I know how many outside agencies are willing/able to provide that service.

Is there a prescribed course of fire? Does the retiree/agency letter need to specify which pistol(s) were used in the qualification? Do we need to update our “blue card” (description of pistols carried/qualified with) with the Range?

Will the Department accept qualifications from private/commercial ranges (same course of fire and authorization letter to the SJPD)? In my letter I noted that I offer the option for local retirees to qualify at the Nevada County Sportsmen’s Club Pistol Range where I am both a member and Range Master. I provided retiree qualification (w/dept. letter) for retired West Sacramento Police Chief Gary Leonard (left SJPD as a Captain).

How would you/the Department prefer to get the word out to retirees about the alternatives for qualification? I think the Farsider reaches the majority of retirees. It can come from the Dept or I can submit the info once we agree on what you will need to meet the requirements. Better that they hear it right the first time so we don’t end up with a bunch of confused retirees.

FYI:  My wife took a call for me yesterday from a female in the Chief’s Office confirming that I had been contacted by your Unit. She confirmed that I had.

Hope 2012 is a better year for the SJPD. Look forward to hearing from you soon,


~ ~ ~

From: Kevin Allan
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012
To: Dan Bullock
Subject: RE: Retiree qualifications


The course of fire should be consistent with the current SJPD retiree qualification. Fifteen rounds fired at 15 feet at an 8 ring oval target (11.5" wide X 17.5" high). Passing score is 11 hits inside the 8 ring. We will be accepting qualifications from other law enforcement agencies only.

The retiree needs to mail a letter on law enforcement department letter head to the SJPD range. The letter should contain the date, location, and range master's name. It should also state that the retiree had a passing score and the make, model, and serial number of the pistol(s) that were used. You do not need to submit a blue card in addition to the letter.

Retirees must qualify with each pistol they plan on carrying concealed.


This concludes the exchange of e-mails between Dan and Kevin.



Clicking on the link below will download to your desktop a .pdf file containing the latest (Jan. 2012) Billy & Spanner. When the file appears on your desktop, double-click it to open the newsletter...




Nothing found relative to the pension reform issue.



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Let's start with this "Coke for Seniors" commercial received from Ron Mozley up in Idaho that we felt was worth recycling from the April 29, 2010 Farsider...



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This 2-minute clip of a hawk and para-gliders could easily qualify as the Must-See video of the week. Check it out...



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Speaking of flying, Chuck Blackmore sent in what he swore was photographic evidence of a UFO, but upon closer examination we determined it was nothing more than a spectacular nighttime air show that took place last year in Oshkosh, WI...



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If you are intrigued by Wingsuit flying, have a look at this video from Bill Leavy. It was shot in China and features some of the most spectacular wingsuit footage available. (The flying begins at about 1 minute into the video.)


If anyone is interested in buying a wingsuit, I have a friend who is selling his cheap. Used once, needs cleaning.


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If you want to see some amazing footage of a chance encounter with some tourists and a troop of mountain gorillas near Bwindi National Park in Uganda, watch this video that was posted on YouTube a little over a month ago...


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This was received last Friday from one of our Republican readers. (What were the odds?)

My daughter walked into the living room last night and said "Dad, I want you to cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out the window, take my TV, stereo, iPhone, iPod, laptop and all of my jewelry to the Salvation Army. Then sell my car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don't forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother."

Well, she didn't put it quite like that. What she actually said was, "Dad, I have decided to work for Obama's reelection campaign."

• • • • •


Benny Hill may be long gone, but his clips are as funny today as they were prior to his passing in 1992. Have a look at this one sent in by Joe Suske...


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This clip from Dewey Moore implies that you can't go anywhere these days without becoming a potential prank victim...



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You know a card trick has to be among the best if it stumps Penn and Teller, and that's exactly what happens here. (May take a moment or two to load.)



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Want to see a fascinating two-and-a-half minute clip showing how Boeing built a special Southwest Airlines 737 dubbed "Florida One?"



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This clip from Bruce Fair is not for the squeamish. It's San Diego PD helicopter FLIR footage of the last few seconds of a foot pursuit.



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This clip from Bert Kelsey is about religion in the form of rap, but it's not what you may think, so give it a look. You can always stop it anytime you want...



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Speaking of religion, an e-mail is floating around conservative circles that claims President Obama said "We are not a Christian nation." So is it true? And if so, was it taken out of context? You'll have to watch this 90-second excerpt from an address he gave in 2009 during a visit to Turkey and decide for yourself...


Regardless of how you interpret what the President said, just how does our country break down in terms of religion? A Pew survey posted on the USA Today website answers that question. Clicking on the link below will bring up a full-size graphic that looks like the one below. By running your cursor over any of the 48 continental states the graph at the right will display the percentage of people in the state you selected who follow a particular faith, or no faith at all. (Note: This won't work on an iPad because the tablet doesn't have Flash software like regular computers.)



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Don't believe in reincarnation? This clip from Sharon Lansdowne provides evidence that it may exist. Imagine that a snowboarder dies and comes back to life as a crow. Now watch the video...




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For you military aviation aficionados, this website will take a few moments to load because of the  large number of photos of nearly the entire inventory of aircraft used by the US Air Force over the years...



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Most of you are old enough to remember the Lawrence Welk show, but do you recall seeing what was arguably the funniest moment over the show's 32 year run? Play this 3-minute clip and watch what happens near the end...



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Have fun with your Christmas bills instead of paying them, says Bruce Fair of the "Land of Flat" (Kansas)...



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With what's happening at the Stick on Sunday, Walt Robinson suggests it's time to re-run this R-rated Bob Nelson football routine that was taped at Dangerfield's in 1984 for an HBO Comedy Special. We first ran it in the Oct. 23, 2008 Farsider, shortly after it was posted on YouTube...



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Our final item asks why you might be interested in a 4-minute story about a '56 Chevy Apache pick-up truck? Give this clip from Ron Mozley a few moments to load and you will see why...



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